February (Web-only) 2005

Critics Throw Constan-tantrums
Constantine—;a convoluted mess of Christian terminology, or a worthwhile discussion starter? Plus: Critics respond to Because of Winn-Dixie, Son of the Mask, and Assisted Living
Hitch Proves Romantic Comedies Can Be Funny and Ethical
Hitch lacks the usual romantic-comedy glitches. Plus: Pooh's Heffalump Movie, Uncle Nino, Bride and Prejudice, Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, and more reviews of Hotel Rwanda and The Chorus.
Children Born into Brothels Get a Movie of Their Own
Born into Brothels finds joy and hope in one of the world's darkest places. Goodbye, Dragon Inn wins praise from patient viewers. Plus, Christian press critics endure The Wedding Date, survive Boogeyman, and offer more views on Million Dollar Baby, Coach Carter, and The Aviator.
Critics Post Best-of-2004 Lists, Slam Current Fare
Christian film critics pick their favorites of 2004, and warn moviegoers: Don't go looking for Hide and Seek. Alone in the Dark should have stayed in the dark. Plus: Aliens of the Deep, Les Choristes, Are We There Yet?, Coach Carter, and Million Dollar Baby.
Terri Schiavo Given Three More Weeks
Plus: Focus on the Family appoints new president, Kansas Attorney General seeks late-term abortion records, the Pope's tracheostomy, and other stories from online sources around the world.
$10 Osteen Tickets Going for $100+
Plus: Evangelicals in Morocco, doubts on Uganda's AIDS numbers, Doug Wead hands over Bush tapes, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Supreme Court Will Consider Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law
Plus: Korn guitarist converts and quits; hearing today may be Terri Schiavo's last chance, WCC calls for Israel divestment, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Paul's Tomb Reportedly Discovered
Plus: The Wall Street Journal on ethnic evangelicals, Christian band sues school over canceled concert, and other stories from online sources around the world.
'Philadelphia Four' Anti-Gay Preaching Case Dismissed
Plus: Is Richard Scrushy's churchgoing a defense strategy? And other stories from online sources around the world.
Child's Baptism Ban Overturned
Plus: White House says faith-based initiative is still a priority, Planned Parenthood warns it'll form third party if Democrats go soft on abortion, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Church of England Backs Charles-Camilla Marriage
Plus: Dispensationalists don't hate trees, why the New York Post fired prolife blogger Dawn Eden, taxing missionaries in Kenya, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Weblog (Second Helping): PCUSA's Davidson College No Longer 'Institution of Christian Learning'
Plus: GoDaddy.com's Bible connection, Catholic Communion riot, FBI investigates pastor's sermon, Ca. church bans Lakota drumming, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Paul Shanley Trial Ends, Goes to Jury
Plus: The pope feeling better, Millard Fuller ousted from Habitat, TNIV, faith and the Super Bowl, and many more articles from online sources around the world.
Evangelical Groups Respond to State of the Union Address
Plus: The Black Baptist vote, the Pope is in the hospital, SpongeBob, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Time's 'Most Influential Evangelicals'
The faces of the movement include Catholics, a Pentecostal who questions Trinitarianism, and a "new kind of Christian." Are we really that broad?
Narnia Director Speaks Out
Andrew Adamson says directing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is "kind of like a gift." Plus: Halle Berry gets Razzed; Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide; Tom Cruise brings Scientology to the set.
The GMA Fights Back
With Christian teens illegally downloading music apparently at the same rate as their mainstream peers, the Gospel Music Association hopes its anti-piracy campaign will stem the tide.
Conservative Anglicans Elated and Cautious
Withdrawal request welcomed, but some wish statement had been stronger.
Anglicans Sanction Episcopalians Over Gay Bishop, Gay Unions
U.S. and Canada churches asked to "voluntarily withdraw" from panel.
The Jewishness of the Nicene Creed
It was the Bible, not Greek philosophy, that shaped the theology of the Nicene bishops.
Baseball Isn't Entertainment
The sooner we stop thinking sports are about the spectators, the more enjoyable the games will be.
Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Stay of Execution
Judge allows Terri Schiavo to live a few days longer.
The Work of Faith
How the torch of racial reconciliation, once carried by Christian civil-rights workers, is now being held by faith-based organizations.
Calvin College on U2
College class on U2 explores religious influence of a rock band.
Gut Check
Blink makes the case for intuitive judgment.
'He Was My Everything'
So says Michael Landon Jr. about his famous father, in whose footsteps he's following in many ways by making family-friendly fare. But he's also determined to avoid repeating his father's sins.
Who's Driving This Thing?
Everyone is asking who leads the evangelical movement.
Salt and Light in the Arena
It's going to take more than a few good Christians to clean up sports.
Because of Winn-Dixie
Rory O'Shea Was Here
Don't Bury Baylor
Sloan's resignation doesn't mean secularism won the day.
Dreams for Sale
A history of the American movie industry.
Puppy Love
AnnaSophia Robb, who plays the young girl in Because of Winn-Dixie, says her character just wanted to love and be loved. Leave it to an orphaned dog to show her how.
Darkness and Light
The cast and filmmakers of Constantine consider the movie's meaning—for audiences, and for themselves.
Dean Vows to Reach Evangelicals as Democratic Leader
But many are waiting to see if the DNC walk matches their talk.
Escapee Denies Rape Charge
Star witness in criminal case against prominent Chinese pastor alleges officials tortured and sexually abused her to gain false testimony.
Secular, Sacred, or Both
Some Christian artists "cross over" to the mainstream, and some have been there all along. They might argue that the line between the secular and sacred is a blurry one—if it exists at all.
Low Art, High Results
ApologetiX frontman J. Jackson admits his band's parodies may be a low form of art, but it's bringing people closer to God and helping them dig into their Bibles.
Jim Wallis: 'I See Genuine Soul-Searching Among Democrats'
Evangelical activist says it's time to find common ground on abortion and other issues.
Dostoyevsky's Disregarded Prophecy
The famous Russian author shows us what's to fear in a world without God.
Bride & Prejudice
Pooh's Heffalump Movie
Uncle Nino
Q & A: John Thune
The Republican from South Dakota, who defeated Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle last November. Daschle had taken a leading role in blocking some of President Bush's pro-life judicial nominees.
The Gospel Goes to Sundance
At the recent Sundance Film Festival, a group of Fuller Theological Seminary students and profs to bridge the gap between secular film and the Christian church.
Family Values
Overworked, Bob Shallcross quit his job to reconnect at home. Now he's made a movie about that very thing—Uncle Nino, which opens in limited theaters this week.
Redeeming Black Films
Hollywood's black movies often depict negative stereotypes—gangs, violence—or revel in buffoonery, a la White Chicks and Soul Plane. But Michael and Christine Swanson are trying to change that, one film at a time.
Ten Black Films Worth Watching
In celebration of Black History Month, we present these African-American classics.
Questions Follow Fuller's Firing from Habitat for Humanity
Changing corporate culture, not harassment allegations, reportedly led to founder's dismissal as president. But some say the leadership battle isn't over.
Making Progress
Progressive rock, that is. Neal Morse, famous for his roles with bands like Spock's Beard and Transatlantic, is now enjoying his time as a solo Christian artist—and still making prog-rock.
Freedom Between the Goal Posts
Sports is much more important than our culture lets on.
The Wedding Date
Come and See
How a century of movies—from a 1905 French silent flick to 2004's The Passion of The Christ—have encouraged us to look at Jesus … and at the world through his eyes.
Come and See (page 2)
Come and See (page 3)
Come and See (page 4)
More Culture of Life, Please
We like what we heard, we just didn't hear enough of it.
Conspiracy, Control, and Crichton
State of Fear is about more than controlling the weather. Duh, it's media ecology.
Assisted Living
Wayfaring Strangers
Set in Mexico, Anita Desai's latest novel is a compact but multilayered tale of pilgrimage.
Finally, Church Growth in Canada
Research reveals unexpected gains for Christians.
There Can Be No End to Jihad'
Islamist Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, in an exclusive interview, discusses the rationale for 9/11, the Christians he most respects, and the Jesus he defends.
The 2004 Critics' Choice Awards
Our first annual Critics' Choice Awards pick the Top 10 Films of 2004—a list that somewhat resembles others in the mainstream, with a few surprises thrown in.
Gatecrashing for Jesus
Gatecrashing for Jesus
Brother Andrew discusses ministry in the Middle East.

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The Precarious Position of India’s Christians—and Its Democracy
The Precarious Position of India’s Christians—and Its Democracy
Lawyer and author P. I. Jose discusses the growing influence of Hindutva ideology and its threat to India’s constitutional order.

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