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La visión evangélica del fin de los tiempos tiene un problema central
No deberíamos desechar la segunda venida de Cristo con extrañas teorías sobre cómo se desarrollará.
Evangelical End Times Thinking Has a Baby-and-Bathwater Issue
We shouldn’t toss out Christ’s second coming with bizarre theories of how it will unfold.
What Singleness Reveals about the World to Come
Unmarried Christians can live as signposts of the new creation.
The Bible Does Everything Critical Theory Does, but Better
Scripture offers a deeper analysis of modern society than modern society could give itself.
Shame Has Many Causes—and One Remedy
How to find freedom from cycles of navel-gazing and self-loathing.
David Platt: We Take the Gospel to the Nations, as the Nations
The Great Commission strikes at the heart of an Americanized gospel.
The Relatable Zeal of Puritan Women
They were extremely into religion without being extreme.
‘I Will Grieve but not Grumble, Mourn but not Murmur, Weep but not Whine’
What Tim Challies resolved in the wake of his son’s sudden death.
Where Angels Fear to Tread: Writing A TV Show About Jesus
The screenwriters for “The Chosen” wanted a main character who is not like Superman.
Rosaria Butterfield: La hospitalidad cristiana es radicalmente diferente a la hospitalidad de nuestra cultura
No se trata de entretener invitados, sino de responder a la presente crisis de incredulidad.
Q&A Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Call for the Wailing Women of Color
The editor of “Voices of Lament” on how public injustice demands public sorrow.
Tell Me Your Beliefs on Sex Without Telling Me Your Beliefs on Sex
Over time, our embodied lives reliably reveal the stories and myths that shape us.
The Rise of the Pentecostal Fusionists
They’re uniting Spirit-led worship with the riches of historic church tradition, says a leading charismatic bishop.
Playing the Cultural Long Game
Sniping from the sidelines is easy. Building something better takes patience.
Meet the Christian Rap Duo from ‘Reservation Dogs’
Hip hop artists Lil Mike and Funny Bone got their start performing at churches. Now they’re acting on FX’s critically acclaimed television series.
Vamos falar sobre raça como filhos de Deus, e não como construtores de Babel
Em Cristo, podemos lidar até mesmo com as conversas mais difíceis sem desrespeitar o outro.
Let’s Talk About Race like Believers, Not Babel-ers
In Christ, we can handle even the toughest conversations without speaking past one another.
Au secours ! J’ai arrêté de me préoccuper de Dieu.
Pourquoi les chrétiens glissent dans l’apathie spirituelle, et comment en sortir ?

Top Story May 28, 2023

O for a Thousand Tongues of Fire
O for a Thousand Tongues of Fire
The Spirit’s descent at Pentecost is a model for diverse and distributed leadership.

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