Andrew Adamson says he wouldn't have missed this for the world—that is, the opportunity to direct The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, a Disney film opening December 9.

In a newly released behind-the-scence featurette, the director says he loved the book as a child, "so when this [opportunity to direct the film] came to be, it was kind of like a gift and there was no way I could not do it."

The three-minute video also features comments from producer Mark Johnson and from WETA Workshop guru Richard Taylor, whose brilliant work was most prominently featured in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Adamson, who also directed both Shrek movies, says he's bringing that experience to his Narnia direction: "I'm gonna approach it the same way I approached Shrek, which is basically to make a movie that works on multiple levels, and I really think there'll be something for everyone."

In other Narnia news, the story's action figures are among a wave of new movie-related toys coming to stores. Check out picture of some of the Narnia toys here.

Meanwhile, Narnia special effects coordinator Dean Wright talks about how he's animating the centaurs and the beavers, among other things.

And finally, New York Times film critic Dave Kehr put together a story about Disney's marketing strategy for the film. Will Disney remain faithful to the

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