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May/June 2024
Volume 68, Number 4
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About This Issue
One of our aims for the May/June issue is to help you engage with those hidden in plain sight. We also hope our cover story from Mark R. Fairchild and Jordan K. Monson gives you a new angle on the apostle Paul and helps you read his letters in a new way. Elsewhere, Ericka Andersen brings a feature on the state of women and alcoholism. There are likely women in your church who have drinking struggles but don’t know how to ask for help—and perhaps feel shame at the prospect. Also, read one woman’s account of navigating church conflict and a report that helps us to think through how we might engage Christians with ADHD. God’s plan for the world is to be accomplished through the church of Jesus Christ. We pray our work here through these stories can be used by him to continue building it.
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Cover Story

Was Paul a Slave?
The surprising argument that Saul of Tarsus was born into bondage.


The Secret Sin of ‘Mommy Juice’
Alcoholism among women is rising. Can the church help?
Yes, Charisma Has a Place in the Pulpit
But let’s not mistake it for calling.
Charisma and Its Companions
Church movements need magnetic leaders. But the best leaders need more than charm.
I Cried Out to the Name Demons Fear Most
How Jesus rescued a New Age psychic from spiritual darkness.


The Struggle to Hold It Together When a Church Falls Apart
How do we carry on when there’s more confusion and hurt than clarity and healing?
Be Still and Come Out of Your Shell
To heal divides, God wants to bring us out from hiding.
Bible Figures Never Say ‘I’m Sorry’
If they don’t “apologize” in the modern sense, it’s only because Scripture has a richer vocabulary of repentance.
Against the ‘Audience Capture’ of the Church
Our message cannot be market tested or manufactured.


Criticizing Critical Race Theory—and Its Critics
A new book seems oddly outraged that CRT skeptics take its arguments seriously.
In a Divided World, Practice Patient Persuasion
A law professor shares lessons on respectful disagreement in the classroom, the church, and the wider culture.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Lindsay A. Franklin, freelance editor and author of The Weaver trilogy.
Can a Secularizing Nation Have a Christian Soul?
One of England’s finest writers surveys the past and present of English faith.
5 Underrated Books on Spiritual Formation
Chosen by Alex Sosler, author of A Short Guide to Spiritual Formation: Finding Life in Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Community.


Exploited South African Miners Turn to Churches for Help
Pastors help widows take on delayed pensions and negotiate peace amid violent labor disputes.
If You’re a Christian, You Should Probably Thank Your Mom
A majority of American Protestants were raised by devout mothers, a study finds.
Pakistani Christians Accused of Blasphemy Found Not Guilty
And other brief news from believers around the world.
How to Pray with ADHD
Christians with neurodivergence are exploring other options for devotions and Bible study.
Creating Christian College Presidents for the Future
A first cohort of scholars consider whether God is calling them to executive leadership.

More from this Issue

Readers Send Mixed Messages about the Israel-Hamas War
Responses to our March issue.
Unpacking Community
Finding an ecclesial home is one challenge. Living in community is another.
Stories We Are Made to Tell
It is easy to be discouraged by division in the United States, but we are called to have a bigger worldview.