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Encuesta: Las iglesias protestantes hispanas son jóvenes, de primera generación y están creciendo
A medida que aumenta la población latina en EE. UU., los investigadores afirman que sus congregaciones destacan en el fomento de la comunidad y la captación de nuevos miembros.
Survey: Hispanic Protestant Churches Are Young, First Gen, and Growing
As the Latino population climbs in the US, researchers say their congregations excel at fostering community and engaging new people.
United Methodists Lose 1,800 Churches in Split Over LGBT Stance
The initial departures, mostly concentrated in the South, represent around 6 percent of the denomination—not as dramatic as the “schism” some feared.
Work Hard, Pray Hard: How Pentecostalism Took Off Among California Laborers
Mexican Americans looked to the vibrant faith for hope, healing, and respite, writes scholar Lloyd Barba.
Fired Baptist Nurse Sues CVS After Refusing to Prescribe Birth Control, Abortion Drugs
The pharmacy chain, featuring in-store MinuteClinics, dropped its religious accommodation in 2021.
Diane Langberg: The Church ‘Utterly Failed’ God in Its Abuse Response
The psychologist at the forefront of trauma-informed care calls out leaders for protecting institutions over people.
The State of Quiet Time: Who’s Most Likely to Practice Daily Devotions
Survey finds that two-thirds of churchgoers set aside time with God at least every day, but practices vary.
Urbana 22 Attendance Expected to Drop to the Lowest in Decades
InterVarsity leadership says the upcoming missions conference will draw around 6,000 people, a fraction of pre-pandemic crowds.
Former Southern Seminary Prof Sues SBC Leaders for Labeling Him an Abuser
David Sills admitted to misconduct but claims he has been “falsely attacked” by Southern Baptists and their investigative firm.
Will Elon Musk Welcome The Babylon Bee Back to Twitter?
The increasingly political Christian satire site hasn’t been able to tweet since March, but the platform’s new owner is a fan of the Bee and free speech.
More Americans Want Their Church to Share Their Politics
Over half say they believe their congregation is politically unified already.
California Baker Sued for Discrimination Wins Free Speech Case
Ahead of another Supreme Court case over same-sex wedding clients, judge defends cake-maker’s First Amendment rights.
Five Years After Church Shooting, Sutherland Springs Pastor Retires
Now at a new location, the rural Texas church continues on in memory of the 26 members killed, including the pastor’s teenage daughter.
Even in States with Bans, Christian Clinics Continue Post-Abortion Care
Some women who travel out of state for the procedure still rely on local pro-life pregnancy centers for support in the aftermath.
Under Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse Grows to a $1 Billion Powerhouse
The humanitarian aid organization works on the frontlines around the world and ranks among the largest charities in the US.
Evangelical Report: Creation Care Is an Act of Worship, Hospitality
The National Association of Evangelicals focuses on the impact of the changing environment.
Court: HHS Can’t Require Christian Providers Perform Gender Transitions, Abortions
The appellate ruling sides with the Christian Medical and Dental Society and a Catholic hospital system that opposed the federal rule.
Most Evangelical Pastors Say Women Can Lead Bible Studies, Ministries
In a recent survey, Baptists are the least likely to endorse women in deacon or senior pastor roles.
TobyMac ‘Put Words to Grief’ in First Album Since His Son’s Death
His DC Talk bandmates are back as collaborators.
Ukrainian Seminary President: 400 Baptist Churches Gone
As refugees flee, the war-torn country is left in a pastoral leadership crisis.

Top Story February 1, 2023

Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenant Church
Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenant Church
Can human sexuality be a nonessential issue for a denomination that seeks to “stand in the center”?

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