June (Web-only) 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The best of the three films so far, Eclipse escapes the overwrought teen angst—well, mostly—and brings more character development and action.
Confessions of a Church-Skipping Mom
Is it better to attend church burnt out and stressed, or occasionally stay home but miss corporate worship?
The Perils of Christian Chick Lit
How my sugary-sweet chick lit relationships turned on me.
Street Songs of Love
The House You're Building
Under Skies
Burning Like the Midnight Sun
A Beautiful Exchange
Christian Legal Society Loses in Supreme Court Case
Group must allow leaders who disagree with its statement of faith.
Obama Celebrates Gay Pride Month
This week's culture war flashpoints: Father's Day and Home Depot.
Pastor at Center of Jamaica Crime Controversy Charged
Some see Fellowship Tabernacle's Al Miller as hero who ended a drug war. Police say he broke the law.
Wild Grass
Bizarre French film is superfluous bourgeois ridiculousness—it's pretty to look at but too confounding to really enjoy.
Grown Ups
Despite an all-star comedy team (Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and more), this "family" flick is too juvenile and crass for viewers of any age. Ugh.
Why Dads Matter
The role of fathers may be changing, but it's no less essential.
The God Who Became Blood
What my dysfunctional prostate taught me about Jesus.
Before the Next After-Sex Pill
Moral, theological, and ethical questions behind 'ella,' a new pill to prevent pregnancy.
Knight and Day
Despite the star power and onscreen chemistry of Cruise and Diaz, this wild and crazy action/comedy just has too many holes to work well.
Can't Be Tamed
Dreaming Big for Jesus
Bruce Marchiano, who played the Son of God in 1993's Matthew, now wants to make a film based on the Gospel of John. But he needs a few dollars—45 million, in fact.
I Mean to Live Here Still
The Threshingfloor
Memphis Blues
We Walk This Road
Q+A: Selling Girls on Craigslist
Rebecca Project founder Malika Saada Saar explains how Craigslist became the medium for human trafficking.
Glee: Stereotype Me!
Why the introduction of a stereotypical Christian character on the popular show Glee could be reason to celebrate.
When Abortion Funding Doesn't Fund Abortion
Political advocacy groups focused their attention on a report that the federal government gave money to organizations that perform abortion.
Jonah Hex
Overly violent and unaccomplished on all fronts, this disaster may end up being one of the worst films of the year.
This unconventional love triangle gets a lot of laughs out of awkward tension and explores the challenges of being honest amid complicated relationships.
Winter's Bone
This indie film about an Ozark teen fighting for her family's survival is a bleak and beautiful triumph.
Toy Story 3
In what might be Pixar's best movie ever, Andy heads off to college while Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang face a new and more dangerous life.
Ethnic Violence Buffets Kyrgyz Christians
Unrest in southern Kyrgyzstan undercuts hopes for evangelism boom under new government.
What a Father Remembers
Sometimes the most meaningful moments get lost in the busyness of life.
Ooh La La over Lady Gaga
Why I showed my son a music video from one of pop culture's hottest artists.
Grenade Attacks Were Govt. Plot, Say Kenyan Churches
Six dead, 80 injured at prayer rally protesting revised constitution.
Growing Gardens to the Glory of God
Lessons gleaned from 'Animal Vegetable Miracle', Barbara Kingsolver's tale of eating only homegrown food for a year.
The Great Commission Resurgence Debate
A guide to what the Southern Baptist Convention is arguing over today.
Hope and Imagination
With 'Toy Story 3' now in theaters, it's a good time to reflect on two of the greatest virtues found in Pixar's films.
Letters in the Deep
Amid the Crash
The Red Letters Project
Sexy Evangelism
Sexy Evangelism
Why our narrative about sex, dating, and marriage is a gospel priority.
Peter Singer's Swan Song
Bioethicist asks: 'Why don't we make ourselves the last generation on earth?'
Women with the Self-Doubt Syndrome
Some high-achieving women have the 'impostor syndrome—the ingrained sense that they don't belong at the table of influence.
A lovely, melancholy fairy tale that falters toward the end.
WWJD to BP and the EPA?
The oil spill is the top major issue for some political groups, while other groups fought the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.
The Karate Kid
Although it fails to live up to the 1984 original, the star power of Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan helps make this martial arts underdog story a winner.
When a Daughter Must Parent Her Parents
When a Daughter Must Parent Her Parents
A new study shows why caring for aging parents more often falls on women than on men.
The A-Team
This remake is cheesy, preposterous, silly, and completely fun thanks to the chemistry and charisma of the crack commando unit.
The Lord Who Acts Like It
Where did we get the idea that the church should be a place that makes people feel comfortable?
The Cry of the Oil-Soaked Pelican
How the birds mired in the Gulf oil spill teach us to properly grieve.
Top 10 Posts of the Past 30 Days
In case you missed them the first time, the newest posts that got our readers talking.
The Alpha and the Mega
Documentary explores the question, "What is a megachurch?"
Yellow Tag Mondays
These Troubled Waters
Sigh No More
Destroyer of the Void
Up on the Ridge
Offering Grace to Infertile Couples
The revised edition of William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn's 'When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden' is an encouraging, if limited, resource.
The Hutterites: Beyond Bonnets and Buggies
A review of 'I Am Hutterite', Mary Ann Kirkby's memoir of growing up in a radical Anabaptist community.
World War II Bomb Revisits Past
The Christian's duty to promote peace is now.
Learning from the Gores about the Grace of Separation
Why separating can be pro-family.
This cautionary tale about science without boundaries goes to such lengths to "cross the line" narratively that it leaves the big questions behind.
Churches Scramble to Meet FCC Rules on Wireless Mics
The Federal Communications Commission recently mandated that anyone using wireless microphones on the 700 MHz band must stop.
Little Girls and Single Ladies
The backlash to the video of 8-year-olds gyrating to Beyonce suggests there's still hope for our culture.
Her.meneutics' Summer Reading List
What our regular bloggers are taking to the pool.
Judgment in the Gulf
Woes and blessings of the oil spill.
Seven Theology Books for the Beach
Consider adding these recent releases to your summer reading list.

Top Story April 18, 2024

In Secular UK, Evangelical Alliance Experiences Record Growth
In Secular UK, Evangelical Alliance Experiences Record Growth
Leader explains why the movement is seeing its biggest membership bump in 30 years and its mission for the years ahead.

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