Style: The grand worship of Chris Tomlin, Desperation Band, and previous Hillsong records.

Top tracks: "Forever Reign," "The One Who Saves," "Like Incense/Sometimes By Step"

Most church worship bands are a little shy of the musicians it takes to pull off Hillsong's massive sound. With well over 10 performers, an occasional choir, a keyboardist (with five keyboards), and skilled singers like Darlene Zschech and Brooke Fraser, their music certainly fills the eardrums. But it's clear the group recognizes the need for learn-ability with these tunes. The chant in "Forever Reign" and the whole-hearted song "The One Who Saves" are easy to pick up, sure to be on every worship leader's wish list. Not every song shines, but there are some golden moments, and a very sweet rearrangement of the Rich Mullins song "Sometimes by Step."

A Beautiful Exchange
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
June 29, 2010
EMI Christian Music Group
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