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Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenant Church
Can human sexuality be a nonessential issue for a denomination that seeks to “stand in the center”?
Pro-Life Protestor Acquitted in Federal Case
The case of Mark Houck was one of more than two dozen the DOJ has pursued against pro-life protestors since “Dobbs.”
Report: Jean Vanier’s L’Arche Hid ‘Mystical-Sexual’ Sect for Decades
An independent commission concluded that dozens of women were violated by Vanier and his mentor under exploitative spiritual disciplines.
Under Municipal Regulations, UK Abortion Clinics ‘Safe’ From Silent Prayer
Two British citizens face criminal penalties for violating buffer zones.
Put Not Your Trust in ChatGPT, for Now
Q&A with a veteran AI engineer and entrepreneur, Tom Kehler, about the limits of the popular chatbot and the wonders of the human brain.
Born Again and Again: Cambodian Evangelicals Celebrate 100 Years
In the century since the arrival of Protestant missionaries, the church has been wiped out by genocide and forced to rebuild. Now “it’s time for the gospel to shine.”
After Shooting, California Churches’ Lunar New Year Celebrations Turned Solemn
Blocks away from the Monterey Park and Alhambra crime scenes, some Asian American pastors adjusted services and offered prayers to address the tragedy.
Attaque terroriste contre une Église congolaise et appel au soutien des chrétiens
Dans un Congo en proie à de nombreux troubles, un groupe rattaché à l’État islamique frappe des chrétiens pentecôtistes dans la ville de Kasindi.
Baptisms Turn Deadly with South African Floods
Christians must find ways to adapt to impacts of climate change, experts say.
US Allows Individuals to Sponsor Refugees
Americans can now independently resettle those fleeing war and persecution. Christian resettlement agencies are largely on board.
Liberty University Students Lead 50th March for Life
Evangelical and Catholic pro-life groups come together for the first post-Roe march.
Terrorist Attack on Congolese Church Prompts Plea for Christian Advocacy
ISIS affiliate strikes Pentecostal baptismal service amid longstanding conflict in Central African region rich in natural resources.
Les 50 pays où il est le plus difficile de suivre Jésus en 2023
Les derniers rapports montrent le Nigeria et l’Afrique subsaharienne à l’épicentre de la violence djihadiste, et la Chine en tête des efforts visant à redéfinir les droits religieux.
Os 50 países em que é mais difícil ser cristão em 2023
O último relatório sobre a perseguição cristã considera a Nigéria e a África Subsaariana o epicentro da violência jihadista, enquanto a China lidera os esforços para redefinir os direitos religiosos.
I 50 paesi in cui è più difficile seguire Gesù nel 2023
L’ultimo rapporto sulla persecuzione dei cristiani vede la Nigeria e l’Africa subsahariana l’epicentro della violenza jihadista, mentre la Cina guida lo sforzo per ridefinire i diritti religiosi.
50 стран, в которых труднее всего следовать за Иисусом в 2023 году
В последнем отчете о преследовании христиан говорится, что Нигерия и регион Черной Африки стали эпицентром насилия со стороны джихадистов, а Китай предпринимает попытки пересмотреть понятие «религиозные права».
إليكم 50 دولة يصعب فيها اتّباع يسوع في العام 2023
تُشير أحدث التقارير المرتبطة باضطهاد المسيحيين أن نيجيريا والصحراء الكبرى في افريقيا هما بؤرتا العنف والتطرف الجهادي، بينما تقود الصين الجهود الرامية إلى إعادة تعريف الحقوق الدينية.
Los 50 países donde es más difícil seguir a Jesús en 2023
Según el último informe sobre la persecución de los cristianos, Nigeria y el África subsahariana son el epicentro de la violencia yihadista, mientras que China lidera los esfuerzos por redefinir los derechos religiosos.

Top Story February 1, 2023

Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenant Church
Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenant Church
Can human sexuality be a nonessential issue for a denomination that seeks to “stand in the center”?

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