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Canadian Christians Launch Collective for Climate Action
Tearfund and A Rocha see the impact in humanitarian crises now and want to organize churches to help.
US Slavic Churches Booming with Ukrainian War Refugees
One generation of Soviet refugees is welcoming another.
Orang Kristen Generasi Z Menginginkan Pemimpin Bersikap Apa Adanya
Itu berarti melepaskan topeng dan mengakui pergumulan mereka.
Umat Kristen di Nepal Tidak Dapat Memakamkan Jenazah Orang Kristen
Kisah perjuangan kaum Injili di Lembah Kathmandu untuk mendapatkan pemakaman dan menghindari kremasi.
Wayne Grudem muda de ideia sobre o divórcio em casos de abuso
Um importante teólogo complementarista diz que não acredita mais que a Bíblia oferece apenas duas razões justificáveis para terminar um casamento.
Died: Superstar Billy Graham, Teenage Evangelist Who Became a Wrestling Legend
In the ring and life, Wayne Coleman was a “heel” who wanted to be a “babyface.”
追悼:ティム・ケラー牧師 ニューヨークシティで魅力的な証しの模範を示す
Morre Tim Keller, o pastor do Evangelho para as grandes cidades
Um modelo de testemunho cristão “cativante”, ele disse às elites culturais da nação que elas adoravam deuses falsos
提摩太·凯勒(Tim Keller)逝世
提摩太·凱勒(Tim Keller)逝世
Died: Tim Keller, New York City Pastor Who Modeled Winsome Witness
“We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.”
Falleció Tim Keller, pastor de Nueva York
«Somos más pecadores y llenos de faltas de lo que jamás nos atrevimos a creer, pero al mismo tiempo somos más amados y aceptados en Jesucristo de lo que jamás nos atrevimos a esperar».
부고: 팀 켈러, 뉴욕의 목회자
“매력적인” 기독교 증인의 모델인 켈러는 미국의 문화적 엘리트들에게 그들은 거짓 신들을 숭배하고 있다고 일갈했다.
Décès de Tim Keller, pasteur et modèle de témoignage pour les villes
Modèle de témoignage chrétien posé et plein de grâce, il expliquait aux élites culturelles qu’elles adoraient de faux dieux.
Скончался Тим Келлер, пастор Нью-Йорка
Он практиковал «привлекательное» свидетельство о Христе и постоянно напоминал представителям культурной элиты страны о том, что они поклоняются фальшивым богам.
Помер Тім Келлер, пастор Нью-Йорка
Він практикував «привабливе» свідчення про Христа й постійно нагадував представникам культурної еліти країни про те, що вони поклоняються фальшивим богам.
For Years, This Christian NGO Worked with Muslims in Myanmar. Then Came Cyclone Mocha.
Long-term relationships helped the group aid the Rohingya while the UN and others were shut out.
Australian Gamblers Could Lose Less Money, Thanks to These Christians
How church leaders are trying to help those addicted from squandering it all.
US Rates Religious Freedom of China, Iran, Russia Among 199 Nations
State Department cites evidence of immigration at release of annual IRF report, first authorized 25 years ago.
Americans Read the Bible More After Switching Denominations
In a recent survey, those who left their childhood traditions for a church of their own reported higher engagement with their faith.

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O for a Thousand Tongues of Fire
O for a Thousand Tongues of Fire
The Spirit’s descent at Pentecost is a model for diverse and distributed leadership.

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