(10) Her.meneutics' Summer Reading List // Comments: 5
What our regular bloggers are taking to the pool.

(9) The Secret (Moral) Life of Babies, by Elrena Evans // Comments: 10
Does the fact that infants seem to have an innate morality suggest divine intervention?

(8) No Right to Rest for Weary Anglicans, by Christine A. Scheller // Comments: 17
Why churches like St. James in Newport Beach still need support from worshipers who have left the battle.

(7) I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found, by Amy Julia Becker // Comments: 6
Despite all its syncretistic symbols, the show's finale depicted one aspect of Christian theology superbly.

(6) Adultery: My Genes Made Me Do It, by Amy Julia Becker // Comments: 10
Research like the kind in For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage runs the risk of reducing people to brain chemistry and DNA.

(5) Little Girls and Single Ladies, by Elrena Evans // Comments: 7
The backlash to the video of 8-year-olds gyrating to Beyonce suggests there's still hope for our culture.

(4) Toying with Adultery? by Marlena Graves, guest blogger // Comments: 11
'Runaway mom' Tiffany Tehan's story reminds us that no one is immune from the temptation of infidelity.

(3) A Bikinied Muslim Miss USA, by Mandy McMichael, guest blogger // Comments: 8
The backlash to Rima Fakih's win suggests mainstream America still wants their national beauties to be Christian.

(2) Christian Female Musicians, Missing in Action, by Laura Leonard // Comments: 52
What accounts for the surprising dearth of women in today's CCM scene?

(1) Modesty: A Female-Only Virtue? by Katelyn Beaty // Comments: 40
Scripture suggests that modesty means more than keeping the right parts covered.