You know summer has arrived when libraries launch mega reading programs, kids breeze through dozens of books to win Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas, and just about every magazine and news site—including CT's "Theology in the News" writer, Collin Hansen—compiles a must-read summer reading list. The women's blog is no exception, though we thought it more interesting to see what our bloggers plan to read this summer, and hear what you plan to read as well. Two books made more than one list: Unsqueezed, Margot Starbuck's follow-up to last year's The Girl in the Orange Dress, and sex-and-spirituality writer Donna Freitas's new young-adult fiction book, This Gorgeous Game. And one of our own bloggers—Amy Julia Becker, for Penelope Ayers: A Memoir—made blogger Ellen Painter Dollar's list.

What books do you plan to read? Share them in the comments section, and enjoy the wealth of options below.

Amy Julia Becker

Elrena Evans

Laura Leonard

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Ellen Painter Dollar

Katelyn Beaty

  • This Gorgeous Game, by Donna Freitas (Almost done with this young-adult novel about a teenage girl's unwanted attention from a Catholic priest; look for a forthcoming review on Her.meneutics.)
  • The Confessions, by Augustine of Hippo (A long-overdue must-read given its status as the most foundational spiritual autobiography in the West.)
  • Enlightened Sexism, by Susan J. Douglas (Tipped off by Lauren Winner's short review at Books & Culture's redesigned website.)
  • The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, by Lesslie Newbigin (Another classic, left over from last year's summer reading list.)
  • Breaking Free, by Beth Moore (Since so many friends highly recommend it.)

LaVonne Neff

Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Julia Duin

Alicia Cohn

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Ruth Moon

Christine A. Scheller