Style: Stylistic alternative rock; compare to Downhere, Dave Matthews, Yes

Top tracks: "'Til I Return," "Waiting for You," "The Great Endeavor"

Gotta like a band that's unafraid of the 6-minute song. On the debut EP from this Austin, Texas trio, only one of the six songs—the radio-ready "The Only Road I Know"—is under four minutes. These guys aren't afraid of instrumental interludes, either; several stellar guitar solos mark the project. They sound alternately like Downhere, Dave Matthews, Yes, Jars of Clay, even U2. Lyricist/guitarist/singer J.R. Taylor, worship leader at Austin Christian Fellowship, is a fine poet too: "We were born for sorrow / Pulling thorns from sides / Of all the things we follow / Only One decides / Now we're here forever / On the great endeavor."

Amid the Crash
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Release Date
December 1, 2008
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