August (Web-only) 2009

An Open Letter to Tim Tebow's Fans
The high-profile quarterback, a devout Christian, practically walks on water. But give him a break. Please.
Juanita Bynum Returns to Conference Stage
Self-declared prophetess emerges after domestic abuse court case and TV circuit.
Sermon Starters
What topic might you hear about from the pulpit this Sunday? Where did Ted Kennedy give a speech on religion and public life? Test your knowledge of this week's news.
Shuttle Mission to Include Missionary History
Astronaut plans to take a piece of a plane used by Nate Saint, who was slain in Ecuador in 1956.
The Cove
A compelling, if admittedly one-sided, account of an annual dolphin slaughter in Japan and the activists who try to expose it to the world.
Still Walking
The latest from Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda is a nearly flawless film that delicately and beautifully deals with memory, family, death, and life.
Taking Woodstock
A spirited, lighthearted but ultimately underwhelming chronicle of behind-the-scenes Woodstock.
Quest for a Father's Love
Author Margot Starbuck talks about the universal need to be 'seen, heard, known, and loved.'
A Pretty Good Religion
Be wary of anyone who starts praising Christianity.
Half the Sky: A Must-Read Book
The fight for women's dignity worldwide, the 'cause of our time,' needs Christians now more than ever.
The Health Care Debate, Early Church Style
The Health Care Debate, Early Church Style
Early Christians focused on of the sacredness of individuals, not demons, says historian Gary Ferngren.
In this documentary, six women who have experienced the death of a child travel together to South Africa to help impoverished children.
Who Is the Fellowship?
Who Is the Fellowship?
It's no theocratic cabal, say two participants in the Congressional Prayer Groups.
The Master of Darkness
Fritz Lang's divided faith—and mixed cinematic messages—kept audiences guessing till the very end.
The Lutherans and Twister Theology
Julia's first-person account of the strange events at last week's ELCA convention.
The Case for Christendom
A renewed sense of Christian culture could be the key to younger evangelicals' angst.
Breast-feeding Dolls: Cute or Creepy?
I'm pretty ambivalent about Bebe Gloton, the world's first electronically nursing doll.
Five Minutes of Heaven
The real-life story of a killing in Northern Ireland ignites a challenging "what-if" scenario for reconciliation.
Never on Sunday
What did Fiji ban in observance of Sunday, what reality TV star is preparing for the ministry, and other questions from this week's news.
It Might Get Loud
An epic guitar doc that isn't as epic as it might have been, but still pretty cool
Post Grad
This timely comedy pairs a familiar plot (new graduate seeks employment) with familiar themes (be loyal to loved ones) in a fairly entertaining package.
The latest kids' flick from Robert Rodriguez is silly, chaotic and illogical, but in a way that makes it seem all the more childlike.
Inglourious Basterds
Quentin Tarantino delivers Jews scalping Nazis in a go-for-broke WWII epic that shocks, electrifies, and horrifies, all in the name of entertainment.
Running in the Shadow of 9/11
Much of my life has been lived in the kinetic shadow of New York City. Last weekend, I owned that city's streets for three hours.
New Music: Two for the Soul
New Music: Two for the Soul
Gospel gems from Ashley Cleveland and Ginny Owens.
Dispatch from Lollapalooza
Market segmentation isn't what it used to be.
Teaching an Old Dogfighter New Tricks
Michael Vick appears truly repentant. Can we forgive him?
Stupid Love
All God's Children
All God's Children
'All God's Children' recalls the travails of a West Africa boarding school.
An Open Letter to Josh Hamilton
Your recent indiscretions are certainly a concern, but you've handled the fallout with grace, humility, and repentance.
The Time Traveler's Wife
All the elements are present for a lovely love story—great actors, sumptuous scenery, an intriguing story line. Unfortunately these elements are a bit too jumbled in time.
The world's greatest animator returns with his own spin on The Little Mermaid—and it's magical in more ways than one.
So, How Are Those Summer Reading Lists Coming?
How to read the Bible in an age of anxiety; plus three book reviews from Christine A. Scheller.
Jenny Sanford Offers Forgiveness After Husband's Affair
In her first post-affair interview, Mark Sanford's wife tells 'Vogue' about learning of her husband's infidelity—and offering forgiveness.
What Not to Wear
A French woman was barred from wearing what? Which country went on the "watch list"? Test your knowledge of this week's news.
District 9
A fresh and original sci-fi vision of aliens living among us is scarred by identity crises.
Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1921-2009
Remembering the devout Catholic's tireless work for people whose lives were often seen as worthless.
Danger: God
What should we think about a deity who gives us sticks of dynamite to play with?
The Persecuted Rifqa Bary?
Christians rally support for a 17-year-old believer who says her Muslim parents have threatened to kill her. Should they believe her?
Shaping a Generation
Looking for love, friendship, and community: How the movies of John Hughes shaped Gen X's ecclesiology.
Deciphering the Pennsylvania Gym Shooting
What George Sodini's journal reveals about women and violence.
The Electric Rev
High Anxiety
New artists are brimming with hope, but also have lots of fears—from concerns about staying spiritually fit to worries about finding money for their next meal.
An Open Letter to Terrell Owens
Your VH1 reality show is intriguing, but dude, your ego is outta control.
Beauty Pageant for Landmine Victims Scrapped
Cambodia's government says the contest makes fun of the disabled. The founder says he's only trying to humanize them.
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
This bombastic and juvenile screen adaptation of the popular toy line wasn't screened for critics—proof again that even the movie studio knows it's bad.
'The Word Does the Work'
David Platt discusses how he raises the bar for biblical understanding and practice.
Top 10 Most Popular Posts, July
A round-up of the most popular posts of the last 30 days.
Thank God I'm a Business Major
How does your college major impact religiosity? How many European countries allow same-sex marriage? Test your knowledge of this week's news.
Were Pakistan's Deadly Gojra Riots Enough to Provoke Change?
Widespread outrage might lead to reconsideration of country's blasphemy law or other reforms.
Cold Souls
A dark, occasionally comedic film about the dangers of trying to ignore the soul.
Paper Heart
This partly fictionalized documentary is refreshingly pro-relationship and offers a quirky and endearing look at love in a postmodern age.
Julie & Julia
A delicious feast of great acting, winning characters, loving marriages, and sumptuous food.
Women Pastors Remain Scarce
The Assemblies of God elected a woman to one of the highest leadership positions in the denomination, but women pastors remain few and far between.
Remembering Hiroshima Rightly
Remembering Hiroshima Rightly
Hiroshima is no reason to reject a nuclear weapons-free world.
Pants-Wearing Woman Challenges Sudan's Decency Law
Lubna Hussein says she'll take 40,000 whippings if it will change her government's human rights policies.
Every Older Singles' Battle
With Singled Out, Christine Colón imagines what celibacy might look like for today's evangelicals.
The Horrors of 'Orphan'
Christian ministry fears the film will stigmatize older adopted children.
Back in the Box
What's 'Love' Mean, Anyway?
That's the question that Charlyne Yi and company took into the docudrama Paper Heart, which opens Friday.
Feasting on Film
With Julie and Julia opening this week, it's a good time to savor a few great movies that are centered around food and its delights.
The Charismatic Alberto Cutie
Time will tell if the celebrity priest lives up to Church of the Resurrection's lively tradition.
One of the summer's unexpected delights, this rom-com depicts a young man with Asperger's syndrome who falls in love with the girl next door.
Aliens in the Attic
Mindless but fun fodder exclusively for the videogame-conditioned Generation Z
'A Metaphor for Relationships'
Adam, a new romantic comedy about a man with Asperger's syndrome, is one of the year's best-kept secrets. We talked to the director and the lead actors.
Young Pups in Love
My family's own story bears out the wisdom of 'The Case for Early Marriage.'
Florida's Other Marriage Amendment
Christian groups propose 0 fee for Florida couples who do not get premarital counseling.

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In Pennsylvania, Locals Remember Corey Comperatore’s ‘Greater Love’
In Pennsylvania, Locals Remember Corey Comperatore’s ‘Greater Love’
Communities surrounding Trump’s rally site feel the shock of the tragic shooting.

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