February (Web-only) 2007

A Fine Bridge, a Campy Cage, and a Conflicted Catholic
What did Christian film critics make of the new family film Bridge to Terabithia, hellish comic book hero (played by Nicolas Cage) in Ghost Rider, or the conflicted Catholic criminal of Breach? What did they think? Find out, along with more reviews of Music and Lyrics and Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls.
Sin Eater "Mediocre"; Norbit, Hannibal Awful
The Last Sin Eater gets some thumbs up, some down; Norbit's naughty; and Hannibal Rising falls flat on its own masked face. Plus, Factory Girl and Breaking and Entering.
Messengers' Message Mixed
Christian critics weigh in on The Messengers, Because I Said So, Factory Girl, Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple, and more.
Epic? Not This Crass Movie
Christian critics weigh in on Epic Movie, Smokin' Aces, Catch and Release, Blood and Chocolate, and Seraphim Falls. Plus, more reviews of Alpha Dog, Family Law, and a few Academy Award nominees.
Take the 'Jesus Family Tomb' Coverage Challenge and Win
What media outlet did the worst job covering the Talpiot tomb news?
Remains of the Day
Scholars dismiss filmmakers' assertions that Jesus and his family were buried in Jerusalem.
An Exclusive Interview with James Cameron
"I think you have the wrong guy!" he admits.
Christian Colleges' Hottest Profs?
Schools discount site that lets students publicly grade and berate faculty.
The Shape of Faith
The sign of the cross is a reminder of whose we are.
Have We Lost Our Minds?
How can CT Movies say good things about films with questionable content—and give poor reviews to "Christian" movies? In this reply, one of our critics gets at the heart of what we're all about.
Episcopal Bishops Balk at Anglican Leaders' Demands
Plus: The truth about that Anglican-Catholic union rumor; baby bone scandal at Indian Christian hospital; New Life's overseers speak on Haggard's "dark side"; and other stories.
Not-So-Quiet Time
Slate's David Plotz blogs about the Bible's many surprises.
Amazing Grace
The Astronaut Farmer
The Number 23
Amazing Abolitionist
Amazing Abolitionist
Amazing Grace shows Wilberforce in action.
Amazing Abolitionist
Amazing Grace shows Wilberforce in Action
'A Man of Principle'
That's how acclaimed director Michael Apted describes William Wilberforce, the subject of his latest film, Amazing Grace, which opens this week.
A Fantastic Role
Ioan Gruffudd, best known for his role as the leader of The Fantastic Four, reprises a bit of history with his latest part, as the Christian abolitionist William Wilberforce in the new film, Amazing Grace.
Save the Wales
Veteran producer Ken Wales, who recently finished Amazing Grace, the William Wilberforce bio-pic, now turns to John Newton's story—and a Chariots of Fire sequel.
Interview: <i>Terabithia</i> Author Katherine Paterson
Deeper into Terabithia
Bridge to Terabithia author Katherine Paterson says a story reveals a writer's faith, whether she likes it or not.
Bridge to Terabithia
Ghost Rider
Music and Lyrics
Studying the Silver Screen
Christians aren't known for their nuanced approach to Hollywood. Film critic Jeffrey Overstreet is trying to change that.
Film: Modernity's Art Form
Film: Modernity's Art Form
'Through a Screen Darkly' is a lush guide to film through Christian eyes.
Ahoy! Readers Pick Pirates
We asked our readers to pick their favorite movies of 2006, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest rose to the top. Captain Jack Sparrow rules, savvy?
An 'Unsafe' Bridge
Katherine Paterson, whose children's book, Bridge to Terabithia, is now a film coming to theaters this week, says kid lit doesn't have to be "safe." After all, the Bible sure isn't.
The Last Sin Eater
Fatah Police Seize Gaza Baptist Church
As cease-fire agreements between Fatah and Hamas come and go, a church is literally caught in the middle.
The Colors of Lebanon
What would real peace mean?
The 'Jesus Manifesto' for Lebanon
Rebuilding the soul of a shattered nation on the brink of civil war.
The 2006 Critics' Choice Awards
Our third annual Critics' Choice Awards pick the Top 10 Films of 2006—a list that somewhat resembles others in the mainstream, with a few surprises thrown in.
NFL Cracks Down on Church Super Bowl Events
Plus: Episcopal diocese sues Va. churches, U.K. won't exempt churches from gay adoption rules, Baptist beer, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Christian Coaches Face Off for Super Bowl XLI
The God of Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith isn't just for Sunday.
Because I Said So
Euthanasia Confusion
Newspaper accounts of end-of-life debates too often muddle the issues.
Afflicting the Comfortable
How a few movies at the Sundance Film Festival opened a book lover's eyes to the transforming power of stories on the silver screen.
Music Inspired by the Motion Picture
Lost Ocean
Who Hopes for What They Always Had?

Top Story July 16, 2024

Christian Duty in a Spiral Toward Unrest
Christian Duty in a Spiral Toward Unrest
Political violence looms large in our national history, to our shame. It does not have to define our future.

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