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November 2023
Volume 67, Number 8
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About This Issue
Our cover story this month looks at the complexity of the immigration crisis through a different lens. Rather than focusing on politics or policy, “One Christian’s Quest to Change the Way We See Immigration” profiles one particular border ministry and its vision for a specific piece of land and the stories it tells. Also in this issue: new life for a Deadhead, Jesus’ take on thrift, insights from medieval Christian spirituality, and lessons in unheroic aid from the Good Samaritan.
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Cover Story

One Christian’s Quest to Change the Way We See Immigration
Equipped with Scripture, history, and a defunct restaurant on the southern border, Sami DiPasquale hopes he can soften politics-hardened hearts.


Paul’s View on Death Changed Mine
The Corinthian church needed the reminder of the power of God. So do we.
Blessed Are the Thrifty?
Jesus’ teachings challenge how we spend when money is tight.
I Stumbled in the Steps of the Good Samaritan
When we picture ourselves as heroes, we often forget our humanity.
I Was a Disenchanted Deadhead Who Found Christ on a Greyhound Bus
When I fled the hippie scene, I never imagined how God’s Word would speak to me on board.


The Black Church Models a Different Conversation About ‘Gender Roles’
How women’s roles have changed in the Black church.
Dying to Our Selfies
We’ll never see the glory of God if we look only to our own brand.
Our Divided Age Needs More Talk of Enemies
This sounds counterintuitive. But there are biblical and cultural reasons for believing it.
Why I’m a ‘Bible Thumping Fundamentalist’
If the label means I hold to essential gospel beliefs, I’ll wear it proudly.


The Law Can’t Always ‘Love’ You
Compassionate enforcement has its place. But the state’s role is to bear the sword.
Mystics, Monastics, and the Moderns Who Need Them
Medieval Christianity holds up a helpful mirror to the contemporary church.
New & Noteworthy Books
Chosen by Matt Reynolds.
Secular Figures Are Giving Faith a Second Look
A surprising number are expressing unmet longings for beauty, truth, and meaning.
There Is an Edge to Living on the Edge
My outsider experiences have only strengthened my confidence in God’s goodness and sovereignty.


American Evangelicals Divide over Ukraine
Republican candidates make competing arguments to potential voters.
Trump-Era Controversies Had a Measurable Effect on Church Attendance
Politically moderate and left-leaning evangelicals appear to be most impacted.
Abolitionist Bible to Go on Public Display
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
Why Prison Ministries Are Growing
Adaptations for COVID-19 are helping Christians reach incarcerated people, with eager cooperation from government officials.
Indian Church Draws Strength from Ostracism
Facing fresh attacks from Hindu nationalists, Wesleyans recall the history of God’s faithfulness in a Gujarat village.

More from this Issue

The Border Is a Complex Place. Jesus Is There.
How can we seek the values of the kingdom amid today’s immigration crisis?
A Person by Any Other Pronoun
Responses to our September issue.