Crowned with Glory: How Proclaiming the Truth of Black Dignity Has Shaped American History

Jasmine L. Holmes (Baker Books)

During the Jim Crow era, leading Black educators wrote history textbooks meant to elevate Black experiences that other textbooks ignored or obscured. Jasmine L. Holmes, a writer with an extensive teaching background, pursues a similar goal in Crowned with Glory, which uplifts a range of Black Americans who bore witness to God’s image in all people. As she explains, “I have written of Black Christians who understood their rights came from the Word of God, defended those rights in word and deed, and forged citizenship for themselves in a country that claimed to be founded on them.”

Love the Ones Who Drive You Crazy: Eight Truths for Pursuing Unity in Your Church

Jamie Dunlop (Crossway)

Conflict within churches over matters of politics and personality can sometimes signal a failure of gospel unity. But the good news, argues Jamie Dunlop, a pastor in Washington, DC, is that such conflicts offer valuable opportunities to affirm and live out the centrality of Christ. In Love the Ones Who Drive You Crazy, Dunlop turns to the later chapters of Romans for wisdom on bearing patiently with fellow believers. As he observes, “the glory [God] receives in your church’s unity is greater in disagreement and difference than if everyone were in the same place to begin with.”

C. S. Lewis in America: Readings and Reception, 1935–1947

Mark A. Noll (IVP Academic)

C. S. Lewis became a household name in America on the strength of his Narnia novels and his most famous work of apologetics, Mere Christianity. But even in the years preceding The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (1950), his star was already rising. In this volume, adapted from lectures given at Wheaton College’s Marion E. Wade Center (and responses from Wheaton faculty), historian Mark A. Noll tracks the early attention to Lewis among Catholics, Protestants, and secular commentators. He writes, “By bringing together what Lewis wrote and what Americans wrote about Lewis, we gain deeper insight into both Lewis and America.”

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