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Puede que sean gigantes. O ángeles. O superhumanos
¿Quiénes o qué son los nefilim? No lo sabemos… y quizá no necesitamos saberlo.
Duke Ellington Read His Bible in the Bath
An excerpt from Larry Tye’s The Jazzmen: How Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Count Basie Transformed America.
Chinese Christians Have Conflicted Feelings About ‘Saving Face’
Though a significant part of their culture, not all feel like it best honors how God wants conflict dealt with.
O Ye of Overconfident Faith
Like the disciples, we need to learn the difference between trust in Jesus and spiritual cockiness.
Ketika Saya Tidak Menginginkan Natal Tiba
Liburan yang dijalani dalam kesedihan membantu saya untuk memandang kedatangan Kristus dengan lebih serius.
Dios frustró la construcción de la Torre de Babel. Pero su espíritu sigue vivo
Desde los constructores de Génesis 11 hasta los arquitectos del mundo moderno, todos hemos olvidado quién engrandece nuestro nombre.
God Thwarted the Tower of Babel. But Its Spirit Lives On.
From the builders of Genesis 11 to the architects of the modern world, we've forgotten who makes our name great.
The Christian Liberal Arts Tradition Can Appeal to Christians and Non-Christians Alike
Its main rivals seek truth without transcendence, or justice without redemption. And both flatten the meaning of human existence.
Keep Complaining to God. Just Don’t Ignore Him.
Even our angriest accusations are preferable to indifference.
There Is an Edge to Living on the Edge
My outsider experiences have only strengthened my confidence in God’s goodness and sovereignty.
Esau McCaulley: The Streets Sent Me to the Pulpit
But then my path to preaching took an unexpected turn.
Gen X Dropouts Widen the Generational Divide among Singapore Christians
Interviews with 63 churches reveal an urgent need for greater mutuality in relationships.
Some of My Social Justice Allies Are Terrifying, and I Value Them for It
“Sensitive” types like me won’t always mesh with more intimidating activists. But we need each other to thrive.
The Lord’s Supper Is a Multiethnic Love Feast
Why our church emphasizes a meal where all are welcome.
Save the Planet. Read Nature Fiction.
As an ecologist, I believe that works of literature draw us closer to God and deeper into creation care.
Love, Joy, and Peace Are a Package Deal
Don’t ignore their ordering in Paul’s passage on the fruit of the Spirit.
Making Haste Slowly in Our Walk With God
In these hurried times, Christians are called to a steady journey of faith.
The Bible Is Literature. It’s Also Your Boss.
We owe to Scripture something we don’t owe any other book: our obedience.

Top Story June 22, 2024

What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
Evangelicals tend to assume our sexual ethic is deeply unpopular. But the wind may be shifting as thought leaders increasingly declare Christianity a cultural asset.

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