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Volume 56, Number 5
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The CT archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource.
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Miracles in Mozambique: How Mama Heidi Reaches the Abandoned
There are credible reports that Heidi Baker heals the deaf and raises the dead. One thing is for sure: She loves the poor like no other in this forgotten corner of the planet.
Getting to the Crux of Calvary
Each atonement theory highlights a truth about the Cross—but none more so than Christ's substitutionary death.
From Powerlifter to Powerless
How physical debility strengthened my reliance on God.
Works and Words: Why You Can't Preach the Gospel with Deeds
And why it's important to say so.


Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to the March issue.
The ‘Monsters’ Among Us: Child Sex Abusers in Our Midst
How fellow Christians should respond.
Should We Stop Child Placement Programs if We're Required to Work with Same-Sex Couples?
A theology professor, a law professor, and an editor weigh in.
Throwing Christ Over the Cliff
How the church can help the faithful stay faithful.
Private Faith and Public Policy: Where Obama and Santorum Agree
Let's not vomit on JFK's famous church-state speech.


The Choir's Steve Hindalong: Celebrating Sobriety
A Christian music veteran discusses a new album and his long-time struggle with alcohol.
Q & A: Ross Douthat on Rooting Out Bad Religion
Why the New York Times columnist wants to see America return to its confessional roots.
Brave New Web: Navigating the Conflict Between Pluralism and  Freedom
Religious organizations should defend their public presence without resorting to individualism.
My Top 5 Books On Fatherhood
Picks from Doug Wilson.
Dollars and Moral Sense: What Money Can't Buy
There's more to life than relationships of economic exchange.
Subversive Kingdom
Living as agents of gospel transformation.
Wilson's Bookmarks
Brief reviews of 'On the Meaning of Sex,' 'The Dickens Dictionary,' and 'Henry Ossawa Tanner'
Teach Us to Pray: Learning from Prayer Partners in History
Great figures from church history have much to teach about talking with God.
Why We Need 'Community'
Not just in real life, but NBC's brilliant sitcom too.
Rhetorical Darwinism
A brief look.
How God Became King
A brief look.
Journeys of Faith
A brief look.


Forced Out: Pastors' Fight and Flight
Research shows more than a quarter of pastors have been edged out of a church, regardless of denomination.
Go Figure
Recent stats on prison ministry, spirituality, and geography.
Quotation Marks
Recent remarks on Pat Robertson, surprise persecution simulations, and more.
Sensation Before Scholarship: Gospel Fragment Tantalizes Experts
Previous forgeries make announcements of new archeological discoveries difficult to believe.
Black Church Barrios: African American Churches Adapt to Latino Neighbors
Shifting demographics necessitate a second look at historic churches' ministries.
Deaths, retirements, and other changes in the church and the world.
Marketing Martyrs: Does Iranian Pastor's Theology Impact Advocacy on His Behalf?
Youcef Nadarkhani's beliefs raises strategic questions.
Migrant Ministries: European Churches Revitalized by Asian Diaspora
Churches are filling with both immigrants and locals drawn to new worship styles.
Should Churches Halt Missions Trips to Mexico?
Observers weigh in.
Quebec: Canada's Prodigal Province
The province's evangelicals pursue a fresh hearing for the gospel in their post-Christian culture.

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Touched by Jesus: Healing Body and Soul
Healing and the Good News move in concert.
Helping Urbana Find Its Voice
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