April (Web-only) 2010

It's the End of the World, and We Love It
We're flocking to movies about the last days, even in the midst of a penny-pinching recession. Why?
The Whisper of Grace
The whirlwind of the self is not easily tamed, even by religion.
Afghan Girls Poisoned for Attending School
Some Afghan groups believe educating girls is forbidden in Islam and corrosive to society.
Barbara Brown Taylor Builds 'An Altar in the World'
The former Episcopal priest helps readers pay attention to where God is dropping ladders in surprising places.
Magic for Everybody
Make Believe
In Feast or Fallow
An 'Idol' with Soul
Jason Castro only finished third on 'American Idol,' but this fan favorite—and committed Christian—is a solid songwriter whose debut album recently released.
The Hard Realities of International Adoption
Torry Hansen's story and the ensuing Russian adoption freeze might make some families reconsider.
Female Sex Addict: Not an Oxymoron
Marnie Ferree's 'No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction' challenges easy assumptions about who gets addicted and why.
More Prayer than Protests
Conservative groups were less interested in recent tea party protests than a U.S. District Court decision that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.
Radio, Retail React to Knapp
Response has been mixed in the wake of singer's revelation that she's gay.
A Shine of Rainbows
A young orphan boy finds love and acceptance with one adoptive parent but wanton neglect from another in this sweetly intentioned but boring family drama set in Ireland.
Hubble 3D
This IMAX documentary about the 2009 maintenance of the Hubble telescope focuses inspires awe with the scenes depicting our universe in glorious detail.
Female and Athletic: College Basketball's Gender Dilemma
Gay bloggers' backlash to Christian coach's pro-family statement highlights the NCAA's messy relationship with femininity.
Wrightians and the Neo-Reformed: 'All One in Christ Jesus'
A dispatch from Together for the Gospel and Wheaton's Theology Conference with N.T. Wright.
Pulling the 'Jesus Boat' from the Mud
Behind the sometimes heart-stopping recovery story.
Disneynature's latest big-screen documentary takes you up close and personal with astounding creatures you've never seen before, as well as some old friends worth revisiting.
Yoga: An Exercise in Discernment
How I submit the meditative practice to Christ.
Why Exodus Was Especially Upset by Advice Show's Rejection
Dawson McAllister Association dropped ex-gay group as partner under pressure from Clear Channel.
Breastfeed for the Health of the Nation?
Not nursing has major societal and health consequences—but even so, mothers deserve our support and understanding, not our judgment.
Everything You Ever Wanted
True Love Cast Out All Evil
Owls, Fireflies, and Jesus
Adam Young, the creative mastermind behind the overnight sensation Owl City, is a shy insomniac who takes his faith as seriously as his music.
Piper, Warren, and the Perils of Movement Building
Why the debate over separatism still matters.
Lady Gaga: Champion of Abstinence?
The wave of celebrities touting a "celibate" lifestyle actually undermines the movement.
Are All Gay Judges Activists?
Conservatives remain pessimistic about Justice Stevens' retirement and other battles for the judiciary. Plus, Bryan Fischer's call to deport Muslims continues.
Jennifer Knapp the Person and Jennifer Knapp the Debate
Reaction to the singer's coming out from Denny Burk, Matthew Lee Anderson, Joe Carter, and Francis Beckwith
The Joneses
The first film from writer/director Derrick Borte builds on an innovative scenario to pinpoint problems with our materialistic culture in a serious, yet entertaining way.
The Perfect Game
A remarkable real-life underdog story gets a tribute that is well deserved but could have been more compelling than this.
Art That Reveals Our Need for Grace
Physically disabled photographers surprising work reveals to viewer their own limitations.
The End of Christianity as We Know It
Now we can move on from merely giving people pleasant worship experiences.
A Failed 'Date Night'
Tina Fey and Steve Carell's new romantic comedy about marital commitment hits a dull note.
Assemblies of God Leader Bows Out of Civility Statement
Signatories included nonevangelicals and people who support gay marriage and abortion rights.
A Higher Calling Than Barbie
A Higher Calling Than Barbie
Why do women want to be represented by a plastic doll?
Through Songs I Was First Undone
Open-Eyed/Broken Wide
Jason Castro
Leave Your Sleep
Jennifer Knapp Comes Out
Veteran artist returns after seven-year hiatus with a feisty new album, Letting Go, while also revealing that she's gay.
The Brave Women of the Catholic Church
The Catholic Church abuse stories are exasperating, but a few lay writers give me hope.
iHave an iPad, But at What Cost?
Perhaps technological advances are challenging spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, contemplation, and waiting to hear from the Lord.
Many Possible Roads to Peace
Activists discuss the best ways to achieve peace and freedom, including a radical call to deport all Muslims.
Abandon Studying the Historical Jesus? No, We Need Context
A response to 'The Jesus We'll Never Know.'
Date Night
The combination of Tina Fey and Steve Carell makes this otherwise routine comedy quite funny, while also saying something about keeping marriage strong.
Letters to God
This faith-based flick about a young boy dying of cancer has its heart in the right place, but it's a bit too movie-of-the-week in sentimentality. PLUS: Exclusive clip
Turning Child's Play into a Passion Play
How we might consider observing Lent after Easter.
Cosmetic Surgery to the Glory of God?
Christians can't dismiss such surgery until they seriously consider our God-given desire for beauty.
The Adventists
Documentary, now available on DVD, asks why denomination's members live longer.
Rise & Shine
Light in the Darkest of Nights
What We Want, What We Get
All In One
Women and Country
Review: Anne Lamott's 'Imperfect Birds'
Flawed characters make this book stand out.
The Secret of Kells
Irish monks, a woodland sprite, a young boy and Ireland's most famous illuminated manuscript grace this charming Irish indie, a Best Animated Feature nominee in an unusually competitive year.
Clash of the Titans
Whether you consider the 1981 original a campy or classy (or both) interpretation of Greek mythology, this noticeably different remake is far too loud, angry, stupid, and humanistic by comparison.
Asking the Right Question
Why neither worm theology nor worth theology will do.
My Top 5 Movie Sunrise Scenes
As we near the celebration of Christ's resurrection, we remember five great cinematic sunrise scenes, a classic symbol of Easter.
Caught between the Easter Bunny and the Empty Grave
Reducing Easter to a purely spiritual celebration is almost as problematic as reducing it to a consumer smorgasbord.

Top Story June 19, 2024

‘Rattlesnakes Don’t Commit Suicide’
‘Rattlesnakes Don’t Commit Suicide’
This Juneteenth, the life of unsung civil rights hero Fred Shuttlesworth should be a clarion call to the biblical activism we still need to advance racial justice in America.

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