Style: World fusion of African & reggae; compare to Bob Marley, Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Top tracks: "Living Stone," "Dununya (The World)," "Jah Come Down"

This band literally formed in refugee camps after fleeing a bloody civil war, and its surreal journey has included opening for Aerosmith. This transcendent sophomore album solidifies the group as more than an inspirational collective—these are talented musicians synthesizing unthinkable violence and poverty into a celebratory musical fusion. English and African dialects lament injustices, pray for peace, and present political satire. Faith and biblical imagery sparkle among reggae and traditional rhythms and occasional top-notes of blues harmonica or boozy brass. This is world-class art blended from a vibrant and hopeful palette—a soundtrack of human resilience and spiritual possibility.

Rise & Shine
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5 Stars - Masterpiece
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Release Date
March 1, 2010
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