May (Web-only) 2004

Shrek 2 = Twice the Laughter, Troy Gets By on Achilles' Appeal
Christian critics are enchanted by Shrek 2, disenchanted by Troy and Breakin' All the Rules, and not entirely enthusiastic about Coffee and Cigarettes.
Junk Movies and a Movie About Junk Food
Super Size Me is a must-see for those concerned about their diet, culture, and kids. Meanwhile, film critics flee the theatres after suffering through Van Helsing and New York Minute. Some find interesting alternatives in Dogville, Godsend, Mean Girls, and many other current releases.
Laws of Adolescence, Attraction and Cloning
Christian critics assess Mean Girls, Laws of Attraction, Godsend, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, and Envy. Plus: More on Man on Fire, Dogville and The Alamo.
The Day After Tomorrow
Raising Helen
Mixed Reactions
Brian Dannelly, writer/director of Saved!, says he's getting all kinds of reactions—good and bad—from Christians regarding his controversial new film about life in a Baptist high school.
Shrek 2
An Affair to Remember
Scriptwriter and Calvin College grad Geert Heetebrij just released his first full-length film, a delightful romantic comedy called A Foreign Affair. We recently talked with him about the movie.
Coffee and Cigarettes
Top Ten Monster Movies
In another of our occasional top ten lists, we compiled our favorite creature features of all time.
Super Size Me
Van Helsing
Running Out of Miracles
Running Out of Miracles
Big Idea creator Phil Vischer had his dream crumble, but he's no longer s-scared.
Methodist Council Says Homosexuality Is 'Incompatible' with Christian Teaching
Further ruling could all but overturn the acquittal of a homosexual minister.
Presbyterian Court Says Church Doesn't Ban Gay Marriages
Plus: More from the UMC Conference, opposing gay marriage, religious violence in Nigeria and Indonesia, and the National Day of Prayer.
Methodists Strengthen Stand Against Homosexual Practice
Lesbian pastor may not be reappointed.
Nigerian Christians Attack Muslims, Kill Dozens
Plus: Sudan elected to U.N. human-rights commission, Muslims, mosques, and churches in Europe, Christians in India, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Driving to Paradise
David Brooks, author of On Paradise Drive, says Americans are on a spiritual search for paradise, and Christians need to supply the language for the search.
When Mother's Day Is Hard
When Mother's Day Is Hard
Taking solace in Scripture's difficult and unsentimental image of motherhood.
Is the National Day of Prayer Too Political?
Plus: Babies born for stem cell use, faith-based prisons, Frank Schaeffer on the military, censoring films, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Lesbian Is Eligible for Reappointment, Bishop Says
Differing interpretations of Methodist court ruling prolong denomination's fight.
United Methodist Conservatives Seek 'Amicable' Split
Despite gains, evangelicals say Methodist divisions over homosexuality are 'irreconcilable.'
Catholic Life Group to Spend $500,000 Denouncing Kerry-friendly Bishops
Plus: Southern Baptists propose public school boycott, more on the possible Methodist church spilt, death toll rises in Nigeria, faith in China, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Methodists Back Away from Breakup
Evangelicals shelve call for 'amicable separation.'
Alistair Begg—Pastor, Movie Star
When the Bible and pastors go hip.
Mystery and Message
Must they compete?
Rounding Up the Few Christian Voices on the Iraq Prison Scandal
Sojourners says Rumsfeld should go, World says he should stay, and Christian Peacemaker Teams says there's a bigger story untold.
The Ascetic American Dream
David Matzko McCarthy, author of The Good Life: Genuine Christianity for the Middle Class, talks about the wealth and the poverty of the American middle class.
Christianity Today, Sister Magazines Win 32 EPA Awards
Profile of Tony Campolo earns first in Personality Article from the Evangelical Press Association.
Eye-for-Eye Religious Violence Blinds Nigeria
Muslims retaliate against retaliatory attack, leaving many casualties.
Pakistani Christian Student Dies from Torture
Muslim seminary implicated in forcible conversion attempt.
Jim Dobson's New Political Organization
Plus: Christian organizations blame porn for abuse at Abu Ghraib.
Nigerian Christians Say Nearly 600 Killed In This Week's Riots
Plus: All of the week's religion news is coming up.
Indian Churches Hail the Defeat of Hindu-Nationalist Government
Vote consciously campaign urged Christian voters to elect secular political parties.
Bishop Bans Pro-choice Voters From Communion
Votes may be considered sin if cast for politicians who support abortions.
Holy America, Phoebe!
It swept across church lines, transforming America's urban landscape with its rescue missions and storefront churches. Yet today, the holiness movement and its charismatic woman leader are all but forgotten.
Weblog Bonus: Fresh Fighting in Nigeria—Death Estimates Now Over 1,000
Plus: Hundreds of stories from online stories around the world.
India's Historic Elections and the Hand of God
Persecution will continue, but without as much implicit state support, says the president of the All India Christian Council.
On First Day of Legal Gay Marriages, Opponents Take a Moment of Silence
Opponents of gay marriage will largely sit out protests today, and urge others not to vilify homosexuals.
Your God Is Too Small
An ironic skeptic scolds believers for domesticating the deity.
State of Emergency Declared in Nigeria
Plus: Billy Graham suffers serious pelvic fracture, Hezbollah uses The Passion, Sudan blocks aid, and other stories from online sources around the world.
TV's Spiritual Directors, Buffy and Angel
As Angel enters the TV afterlife, the author of What Would Buffy Do? explores one of television's more spiritual shows.
Baylor President Narrowly Survives Regent Vote
Plus: Surprise India election results already improving religious liberty; Nigeria takes drastic measure to stop religious violence; U.K. opens embryonic stem cell bank; and other stories from online sources around the world.
Newsweek catches up to Left Behind
Plus: New religious violence in Nigeria, congressional Catholics on communion, Gwen Shamblin's offices raided, and other stories from online sources around the world.
3,000 Christians Killed in Kano Attacks, Group Says
Plus: Why the success of Christian books is hurting Christian stores; Ugandan Anglican bishop rescued from rebel kidnappers; Tony Campolo joins PETA campaign; and other stories from online sources around the world.
Do Nigerian Miracle Ministries Discredit the Faith?
The spiritual dynamism of West African Christianity is now well known even in the West. Do credulity-stretching, highly publicized miracles discredit what God is doing in that region?
The Religious Side of the Abu Ghraib Scandal
As prisoners forced to renounce faith, guards repudiated theirs voluntarily.
Thou Shalt Not Swap
The uses and abuses of copyright.
Sudan's Biblical History
Sudan's ongoing civil war isn't the only reason Christians should be familiar with the region.
Salvation Army May 'March Out' of NYC
Plus: Chinese Christian leader arrested, California lawmakers revolt against pastor's comment on mothers, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Dick Staub Interview: Finding God in the Questions
ABC News Medical Editor, Dr. Timothy Johnson, decided to rethink his faith and found God by asking questions.
Supreme Court Will Hear Death Row Conversion Case
Plus: Nigeria violence spreads despite state of emergency, more on the Communion conundrum, closing Catholic churches, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Bush Calls for 'Culture Change'
In interview, President says new era of responsibility should replace 'feel-good.'
Federal Appeals Court Backs Ore. Assisted Suicide
Plus: Cattle rustling, not religion, said behind Nigeria riots; Americans United asks IRS to punish Colorado Springs archdiocese for Communion edict; good and bad news out of the Sudan; and other stories from online sources around the world.
Torture Then and Now
The abuse at Abu Ghraib and the witness of the Christian past.
'Costco Church' Fight Finally Over?
Plus: Another California recall?
Dick Staub Interview: Art Lindsley Says Truth Is True—and Absolute
The author of True Truth believes Christians shouldn't be post-modern, modern, relativist, or absolutist.
Evangelicals and Catholics Really Together?
Plus: One federal judge rules partial-birth abortion ban unconstitutional with two more yet to rule.
Bush Campaign Seeks 'Friendly Congregations'
Plus: Canadian Anglicans put off vote on gay marriages, George Beverly Shea leaves hospital after heart attack, Eisenhower's 'crusade' omitted, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Canadian Anglicans 'Affirm Integrity and Sanctity' of Homosexual Relationships
Plus: Bush and the Pope meet at the Vatican, Shadowmancer hits #1, Billy's London crusade 50 years later, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Hope, Caution Follow Signing of Sudanese Peace Agreement
After 21 years of civil war, Sudan may finally be on the verge of peace. But don't stop praying.
Ambassador: Sudan Accords Only One Step in Peace Process
Continued effort to implement and monitor Sudan's peace agreement will be necessary to ensure safety for its population, Michael Ranneberger says.
Should We Fight for Under God?
The right approach to these two little words may not be obvious.
Putting Big Idea Back Together
Putting Big Idea Back Together
On the Campaign Trail with Bono
Reverse Crossover

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You Can Love Rap, Jesus, and the Color Pink
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