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Creating Christian College Presidents for the Future
A first cohort of scholars consider whether God is calling them to executive leadership.
Pastors Wonder About Church Members Who Never Came Back Post-Pandemic
New research shows disagreement over COVID-19 policies drove changes in attendance, but “a lot of it is a mystery.”
At Indigenous Seminary, Students Learn the Power of Faith Embedded in Identity
The newly accredited school promotes a theological education that’s not at odds with culture.
Evangelical Colleges Will Continue to Pursue Diversity Without Affirmative Action
A Supreme Court ruling against race-based admissions won’t change much for Christian liberal arts schools.
Liberty Whistleblower Continues to Defend Fraud Claims
A former dean alleges over $1 million in staff kickbacks and payouts as his case against the university goes to court.
Degree by Digital Degree, Christian Colleges Go Online
Evangelical schools are growing, but there are questions about the costs.
TIU Announces Plans to Move Undergrad Program Online
Facing enrollment declines, the Illinois university ends in-person and residential learning, except for Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and its law school in California.
Evangelical Activists Push for Solitary Confinement Reform
As Virginia legislators study the issue, faith groups point to evidence isolation is unfair and ineffective.
Evangelical Giving Goes Up, Despite Economic Woes
Report: Nonprofits saw a sizable increase in donations, while many megachurches struggled.
Christian Schools Building ‘Consortium’ for Hispanic Theology Education
With $5 million from Lilly Endowment, three Los Angeles institutions “got ambitious.”
Liberty U. Dean Claims He Was Fired for Whistleblowing
John Markley says he raised concerns about fraudulent management, enrollment rate misrepresentation, and “compensation schemes.”
Christian Colleges Look for ‘Missing Men’
Faced with overall enrollment declines, schools are working to close higher education’s gender gap.
Four Out of Five Victims Don’t Report Sexual Assault. Can Christian Colleges Do Better?
Title IX coordinators look for ways to combat silence and shame.
Assemblies of God Ordains Record Number of Women
There is work to do and some of those God has called to do it are female, Pentecostal leaders say.
New Brethren Churches Wrestle with Details of Denominational Division
The doctrines separating them are clear. The legal process of disentanglement, less so.
Grand Canyon University Sells $1.2 Billion Debt
Arizona school aims to continue expanding campus and increasing in-person enrollments.