Died: Christian Atsu, Ghana Soccer Star who Praised God in Everything
The Premier League winger known for his faith was killed in the earthquake in Turkey.
Pentecostal Chaplain Killed in Russian Rocket Attack
Yaroslav Pavenko volunteered to minister to Ukrainian soldiers at 14 after militants killed two of his brothers in the War in Donbas. 
Southern Baptist Church Planter Killed in Plane Crash
Clint Clifton coached Christians to multiply and fulfill the Great Commission.
Died: Jack Hayford, Pentecostal Pastor Who Wrote ‘Majesty’
Foursquare leader put emphasis on praise and penned the most popular church song of the 1990s.
Died: Francis Sunderaraj, Indian Evangelical Leader Who Encouraged Education
Under his leadership, a popular Sunday school curriculum was translated into 32 languages and dialects.
Died: Jason David Frank, Power Ranger Who Pointed to Christ’s Power
He trusted in God's strength because “Jesus didn’t tap.”
Died: Michael Gerson, Speechwriter Who Crafted Faith-Inspired Language for George W. Bush
The one-time theology student believed politics should have “heroic ambition,” and speeches should be written, on occasion, for the angels.
Died: Gordon Fee, Who Taught Evangelicals to Read the Bible ‘For All Its Worth’
A New Testament “scholar on fire,” he believed Scripture was an encounter with God.
Died: Dan Busby, Accountant Who Set Standards for Ministry Finances
He believed “Christians should set an example of the utmost integrity.”
Died: Herb Lusk II: ‘Praying Tailback’ Who Gave Up Football for Ministry
First NFL player to kneel and thank Jesus in the end zone said caring for souls and helping people in poverty were more meaningful than fame.
Died: Queen Elizabeth II, British Monarch Who Put Her Trust in God
In her seven-decade reign, she spoke regularly of the importance of her personal faith.
Died: Kees de Kort, Beloved Bible Artist
The Dutch illustrator’s bold and simple work shaped “the biblical cosmos of images” for millions.
Died: Rodney Stark, Sociologist Who Said Religion Is a Rational Choice
His theories of conversion and competition shaped widely held views of church growth and decline.
Died: Stuart Briscoe, Renowned British Preacher and Wisconsin Pastor
As a child, he found the courage to be a nonconformist. As an adult, to trust the Holy Spirit.
Died: Carey Latimore IV, Historian who Held Up Black Christians’ Unshakable Faith
He saw African American history as a “window into the essence of the gospel.”
Died: Ron Sider, Evangelical Who Pushed for Social Action
Author of “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger” argued poverty was a moral issue.
Died: Fred Carter, Little-Known Black Artist Behind Chick Tracts
“Shy” creator drew stories of sin and salvation seen by millions.
Died: Franz Mohr, Master Piano Tuner and Evangelist
The chief concert technician for Steinway & Sons gave Bibles to the world’s greatest pianists and told them about Jesus.
Died: Gerald Coates, New Church Movement Pioneer
He preached a nonreligious Christianity that emphasized authenticity, creativity, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Died: Gary North, Who Saw Austrian Economics in the Bible and Disaster on the Horizon
The prolific writer promoted Christian Reconstructionism, libertarian Ron Paul, the gold standard, and fears of Y2K.

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Resisting the Impulse of Self-Optimization
Resisting the Impulse of Self-Optimization
In Lent, we realign our identity in Christ and recover our sense of being loved into existence by our Creator.

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