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January/February 2023
Volume 67, Number 1
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About This Issue
Books take center stage in this issue, which features CT’s annual Book Awards, along with excerpts from a handful of books chosen as finalists in various awards categories. It also includes three pieces exploring the way books are made and the debates they inspire: a profile of the poet and priest Malcolm Guite, a report on Christian librarians navigating political and communal tensions over controversial titles, and a look at how Christian publishers are wrestling with questions of author “platform.”
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Cover Story

Christianity Today’s 2023 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.


The Church Was Meant to Enjoy Its Diversity, Not Wish It Away.
America is set to be minority white by 2045. Evangelicals need to stop thinking that’s a bad thing.
Go Ahead, Waste Your Time Reading
You won’t remember most of it, but that was never the point.
The Image of God in ‘Invisible Man’
Ralph Ellison’s novel depicts the quest for personal dignity in a society determined to deny it.
Why Are There So Many Angry Theologians?
Theology should produce the fruit of the Spirit, not the works of the flesh.
God Is the Good Samaritan
And he teaches us to value diversity and individuality.
A Poet for ‘Bruised Evangelicals’
Malcolm Guite has found himself a sort of tribal elder for younger generations of Christians.
Libraries Aren’t Safe, But They Are Good
Amid controversies and threats of defunding, Christian public librarians work for the good of their communities.
In Christian Publishing, ‘Platform’ Is Being Weighed and Found Wanting
Favoring big-name authors and “influencers” might be good for the bottom line, but not always for the books—and readers—themselves.
I Wanted to Die for Allah. Now I Live for Jesus.
As a militant Muslim, I never expected to have any dealings with Christians, much less to befriend them.


Naming Names in the Abortion Debate
As a new “street-level” history demonstrates, you can’t tell the bigger story without telling a series of smaller, more personal stories.
The Relatable Zeal of Puritan Women
They were extremely into religion without being extreme.
New & Noteworthy 2023
Seven books we’re looking forward to this year.
5 Theology Books from the Global Church
Chosen by Geethanjali Tupps, CT Global books editor.


Christian Fiction Queen Says Goodbye to Hallmark, Hello to Karen Kingsbury Productions
As novelists embrace entrepreneurship, they find ways to take more control.
How We Read the Bible Now
Fewer people are using more types of media to access Scripture.
Nicaraguan President Closes Christian Nonprofits
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
In Church Planting, More Money Means More People
But a recent ECFA study can’t quantify intangible signs of growth.

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