Angels in Heaven
A game that's more than a game
So Far, So Near
A graduate of Murree Christian School in Pakistan, the site of a deadly assault by Islamic terrorists in August, reflects on his growing-up years, on what has changed in the interim, and on the beleaguered Christian community in Pakistan
Herbie Goes Bananas
The rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of the VW Beetle
Ugly Evangelicals
Is this us?
Acting Like Those Evangelicals
Guilty as charged?
Mind Control and the Christian Citizen
Historian Sean Wilentz's misguided attack on Justice Antonin Scalia
How to Avoid the Coming Disaster
Imitate Japan. No, don't imitate Japan. Time out
After the Quake
Bedside reading for the anniversary of 9/11.
The New York Times Discovers Religion (Again)
Shouldn't the paper of record be able to move beyond Square One?
Why Evangelicals Can't Opt Out of Political Engagement
Remembering Jeremiah Evarts and Samuel Worcester
Books & Culture: The Great Inflatable Shark Hunt
A report from the Christian Booksellers Association convention in Anaheim
Speak What We Feel
Frederick Buechner's latest book is one of his best
Reading Danny Pearl
How would the murdered journalist want to be remembered?
The Pledge Controversy
Asking the wrong questions?
Stop, Drop, and Cover
Then hack your lungs out and die
"Books & Culture Corner: Agrarians of the World, Unite!"
"Wendell Berry's vision, and how Christians should respond to it"
A Cry for Help
Sudanese Christians gather in Houston and ask for U.S. support
God Bless the Eliminator
Mother Jones magazine makes known a shocking discovery: evangelicals are sending missionaries to Muslim countries
And the Next Thing Is...
Marxism (or not).
Closing The X-Files ...
… with the sign of the Cross

Top Story July 21, 2024

Pakistan’s Presbyterians Have United. Reconciling Will Take Time.
Pakistan’s Presbyterians Have United. Reconciling Will Take Time.
After 60 years of division, leaders hope that coming together will strengthen the church's witness.

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