Death of an Evolutionist
RIP Stephen Jay Gould
The Gospel According to Biff
A conversation with novelist Christopher Moore
In the Beginning Was the Holocaust?
Blasphemy, rage, memory, and meaning of the Shoah
'Nebuchadnezzar My Slave'
Was the Holocaust God's will?
A Grave in the Air, a Soul Dancing
Two remarkable collections of Holocaust testimony
A Peculiar People
The uniqueness of the Jews
'Must Be Superstition'
Rediscovering spiritual reality.
America's Homegrown Islam—and Its Prophet
The strange story of Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam and onetime mentor of Malcolm X.
The State of the Game
After one of the best World Series ever, baseball faces a crisis
Baseball 2002 Preview
Part 2: Saving the game
Does Creationism Equal Holocaust Denial?
Yes, says Michael Shermer in Scientific American.
Dictionary of the Future
Trendspotter Faith Popcorn on the words that will define our tomorrow
Saint Frodo and the Potter Demon
The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series spring from the same source.
Science Holds a Meeting
A report from the annual convention of the AAAS.
Letter to Martin Luther King, Jr.
A progress report.
Theodore Rex
Is popular history getting a bad rap?
Coming Attractions
Books to watch for this year
Keeping the Dust on Your Boots
Remembering the Afghan refugees—and the church in Iran.
'We Now Know'
The boast of imperial science.
Daddy, What Is the Soul?
Does the church have an answer?

Top Story July 21, 2024

Pakistan’s Presbyterians Have United. Reconciling Will Take Time.
Pakistan’s Presbyterians Have United. Reconciling Will Take Time.
After 60 years of division, leaders hope that coming together will strengthen the church's witness.

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