Books of the Year
Part 1: The Top Ten
Books of the Year, Part 2
After the top ten, here's the best of the rest.
Discovering Islam: The Intellectual Challenge
There's good reason to believe that there will be staying power to the West's belated discovery of Islam.
24 Cow Clones, All Normal...
Oh yes, and a few cloned human embryos that died.
Play Ball
Baseball, leisure, and worship.
Disturbing the Peace
Is art always subversive when it's doing its job?
Science and the Spiritual Quest
"A place at the table for Christians, but at a price."
Is God a Body-Snatcher?
The restless intelligence of philosopher Peter van Inwagen.
Covering Islam
Getting beyond the feel-good bromides
Beyond Belief?
Nobel Prize-winner V.S. Naipaul's accounts of Islam presuppose the superiority of modern skepticism.
Myths of the Taliban
Misinformation and disinformation abounds. What do we know?
The Imagination of Disaster
We thought we were invulnerable. Really?
Apocalyptic City
The dream and the nightmare of megalopolis.
The Future Is Now
You want the news? Read science fiction.
Megalopolis Forty Years On
The ambiguous face of the city
The Strange Case of Napoleon Beazley
How media coverage of a young killer created death row chic.
Memorable Memoirs
"Whether telling us about the Spirit in the South or the crumbling atheism of a Chinese immigrant, these books provide windows into others' lives."

Top Story June 15, 2024

Paternity Leave Made Me a Better Christian Dad
Paternity Leave Made Me a Better Christian Dad
Time off at the very beginning helps fathers prepare to bring up their children in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

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