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July/August 2023
Volume 67, Number 5
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About This Issue
What does it look like to love one’s neighbor across a shared history of slavery? Our cover story explores racial reconciliation through the lens of one specific relationship: family friends grappling with the discovery that one’s ancestor had enslaved the other’s. Also in this issue: honoring Tim Keller, what we get wrong about David and Goliath, Elisabeth Elliot’s unsentimental realism, and Christ-honoring masculinity.
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Cover Story

Generations After Slavery, Georgia Neighbors Find Freedom and Repair in Christ
In the farming community of Dirt Town Valley, family friends grapple with a difficult truth: One ancestor was enslaved by another.


The Lord’s Supper Is a Multiethnic Love Feast
Why our church emphasizes a meal where all are welcome.
The Shepherd Boy Who Wasn’t
We like imagining that a young, hopeless David killed Goliath. We need the fuller story.
How Archaeology Affirmed the Historic Stature of a Biblical King
Once, the House of David seemed like a folk tale. Now, the rocks testify to its historic significance.
Is God Pleased by Our Worship?
For Amos, it depends on whether the God we worship demands justice.
I Loved Studying Math. I Needed God to Show Me Why.
At a moment of crisis, my drive to excel seemed increasingly pointless.


The Christian Life Is Wishful Thinking
What we want for ourselves becomes what we offer to others.
In Search of Non-Toxic Male Sexuality
Can we recover a healthy, Christ-honoring vision for masculinity?
Left Behind at the Ballot Box
Our view of the end times should affect our politics. But how?


Elisabeth Elliot Was a Flawed Figure God Used in Extraordinary Ways
No less than her martyred husband, she could be inspiring and frustrating all at once.
50 Atheists Found Christ. This Researcher Found Out Why.
Jana Harmon paints a detailed picture of the reasons skeptics come to faith.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Sarah Loudin Thomas, author of “The Right Kind of Fool.”
Making Disciples Means Working for Justice
Scripture is clear that both go hand in hand.
5 Books That Help Us Find Rest in Jesus
Chosen by Sarah J. Hauser, author of “All Who Are Weary: Finding True Rest by Letting Go of the Burdens You Were Never Meant to Carry.”


Nondenominational Churches Are Growing and Multiplying in DC
The city some dismiss as “The Swamp” is fertile ground for evangelicals.
Where Pro-Choice Groups Chose Vandalism
Pregnancy centers were attacked in 24 states in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision on abortion rights.
Church Shooting Victims to Receive $144.5 Million
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
As Methodist Exits Hit 5,800, Some Churches Find Paths Blocked
(UPDATED) The costs and complications of UMC disaffiliation are leaving many congregations stuck.
Belarusian Evangelicals Fear Growing Isolation
Christians there struggle to maintain global connections amid international conflict.

More from this Issue

How Should We Then Study the Bible?
And other responses to our April issue.
The Hard Work of Healing
What does it look like to live reconciliation?
The Legacy of Tim Keller
He showed us what it means to live convinced of the Good News.