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November 2022
Volume 66, Number 8
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About This Issue
Our cover story this month examines the dramatic increase in physician-assisted deaths in Canada and its growing public acceptance. How are Christian doctors navigating this shifting landscape? How can the church respond? Plus: What healing looks like in Buffalo six months after the Tops massacre, ancient images of women in ministry, Paul’s model for social media, and more.
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Cover Story

Canada Euthanized 10,000 People in 2021. Has Death Lost Its Sting?
Here’s what I’ve learned as a Christian doctor receiving requests for physician-assisted dying.


In a Sea of National Tragedies, Look to Buffalo’s Christians
Those who lived through the racially motivated attacks are focusing on the local to see progress.
What Ancient Italian Churches Tell Us About Women in Ministry
An artistic record challenges the idea that Christian leadership was always restricted to men.
Conversation Is Hospitality—Even on Social Media
Remote disagreements and lasting fellowship can come together, as Paul demonstrated.
Myanmar’s Christians Fight for Peace
A former beauty queen is a part of the widespread resistance taking a stand against the brutal military regime.
I Untied My Noose and Took Up My Cross
A serious drug arrest had darkened my horizon. But a sweet, soft voice whispered words of hope.


The Collateral Damage of Sin
Worse than what “missing the mark” does to our soul is what it does to our neighbors.
Lament Is More Than a Country Song
Why the world needs the church to sing about sorrow.
We See the Morning Star More Brightly Through the Ages
Jesus’ title in Revelation is only enhanced by our improved knowledge of astronomy.
A New Solution to Gun Violence: Neighborly Care
What if we applied Christian imagination to protecting our children?
What’s Wrong with Winsomeness?
The fruit of the Spirit still apply in a hostile culture.


Christian Orthodoxy Is Your Ticket to a Land of Adventure
Playing in the fields of heresy and ambiguity might offer short-term kicks, but only sound doctrine can supply a lifetime of thrills.
Tell Me Your Beliefs on Sex Without Telling Me Your Beliefs on Sex
Over time, our embodied lives reliably reveal the stories and myths that shape us.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
The World’s Logic Says Diversity Begets Division. Gospel Logic Says Otherwise.
Why the pursuit of unity isn’t as hopeless as it sometimes seems.
Don’t Let Missions Fall Prey to ‘Genericide’
By broadening the concept of “missional” activity, are we diluting our focus on the core of the Great Commission?


Why Should Pastors Get All the Good Theology Textbooks?
Churches across the country are reclaiming theological education to make it available to everyone.
More Evangelical Women Have Had Sex With Women Than You Might Think
A study shows an increase in reports of LGBT experience, identity, and affirmation.
‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven’ Evidence of Russian Torture
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
Environmental Train Wreck: Houston’s Black Churches Fight Pollutants
Leaders and activists petition to hold a railway company to account for decades of carcinogen use.
Billy Graham Gets State-of-the-Art Archive
A new research facility gathers the full documentary record of the evangelist's life work to make the case for his continued relevance.

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