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Detroit: Mission in the Motor City

What happens when a city shrinks? Detroit is finding out. The city has been the center of outsized stories its whole life, from the booming days of the Motor City (and Motown) to the painful upheavals of the 1967 riots. Yet Detroit also has outsized hope, a muscular refusal to give up, and, not least, resilient and committed churches and Christian leaders. And the city is seeing an influx of artists and entrepreneurs who see in Detroit's lovely bones a chance to create something new and beautiful.

Top Urbanists Agree: Casinos Ruin Cities

Alongside all the moral arguments against gambling, it turns out casinos simply are a bad investment.

Detroit Students Restore Peace by Talking It Out

Some leaders say their city could become the first to practice restorative justice across the board.

What Has Grand Rapids to Do with Detroit?

How Reformed church leaders are bridging the wide divide between East and West Michigan.

A Detroit School Where Jesus Is Head of the Class

Ernestine Sanders and Clark Durant attribute their school's success to its Christ-centered focus.

Salvation at the Storefront Church

How Peacemakers International is giving Detroit drug dealers and prostitutes a hope and a home.

Why All Your Impressions of Detroit Are Wrong

How the Motor City became America's whipping-boy city--and how Christians can stop the hate.

The Great Physicians of Detroit

Covenant Community Care is the only faith-based, federally funded health center in Michigan. It may also be the most Christlike.

Gardening to Make Beauty Out of Blight

Riet Schumack is growing more than flowers among her Brightmoor neighbors.

My Boss Is a Detroit Carpenter

Detroit native Timothy Addy says his Handyman Ministries provides a doorway into people's lives.

Why Church Partnerships Really Matter in Detroit

In a city Billy Graham called one of the most divided he'd ever seen, a new church-unity movement is all the more profound.

What Detropia Gets Right, and Wrong, about the Motor City

The new documentary is part of the same paternalism that it critiques.

The Art of Restoration Amidst Detroit's Ruined Walls

How the vision of a restored city informs Detroit artist Yvette Rock's haunting work.

Planting New Life in Detroit's Vacated Landscape

How Christians are spearheading the urban farming movement in Motor City.

Faith in a Fallen Empire

Detroit's list of maladies is long. But some Christians' commitment to its renewal is longer.


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