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Don’t Let the ‘Back-to-School Rush’ Diminish Your Humanity
Whenever we enter a new season of life, we must care for our souls in the process.
Preserving Our Body and Bodies for Worship
Has online worship acclimated us to our screens, or can we get physical again?
Invitations to a Homebound Easter
Sorrow, solidarity and seeking more.
Something Fake and Wicked This Way Comes
When our Halloween celebrations domesticate evil, we often miss a chance to see true darkness through the light of Christ.
Christmas Grafts Us into God’s Nontraditional Family
After losing my father as a child, I learned to see the Incarnation as my true lineage.
Your Presence Is a Living Sermon
Showing up makes God’s love tangible when people need it most.
O for a Thousand Tongues of Fire
The Spirit’s descent at Pentecost is a model for diverse and distributed leadership.
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