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Christian Whistleblower Who Won $70M Was Motivated by ‘Moral Clarity’
Sarah Feinberg said she had the responsibility to do the right thing when she discovered fraud at her government contractor employer.
12 Scholars Who Brought the Bible into Chinese
Each had unique translation philosophies, diction preferences, and intended audiences in mind, frameworks that informed how they approached their all-consuming work.
Our Daily Bread for Kids
Truth for Each Day
Died: Uwe Holmer, Pastor Who Forgave a Communist Dictator
When the East German government collapsed, the evangelical minister welcomed Erich Honecker into his home for 10 weeks.
Open Our Eyes Lord
The Quiet Time Companion

Top Story October 2, 2023

Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches Split over Women in Ministry
A Handful of Churches Split from the Christian and Missionary Alliance over Women in Ministry
New position on ordination and titles pushed some “beyond where their convictions would allow them to go.”

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