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‘We Praise You That Trump Is Gonna Be All Right’
Evangelicals respond to the fatal shooting at the former president’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania.
Exvicepresidente de Disney busca traducir ‘The Chosen’ a 600 idiomas
Rick Dempsey relata cómo está aplicando décadas de experiencia en localización a la serie «Los elegidos»
Sou evangélico e tenho filhos LGBTQ. E agora?
Minha teologia é totalmente ortodoxa. Mas preciso da ajuda de outros cristãos para lidar com questões práticas no relacionamento com meus filhos.
The Bulletin Episode 91|43min
One-on-One with Frank Bruni
The New York Times columnist talks about his new book on grievance and how to talk across differences.
One Body, Many Denominational Meetings
Our anxiety over church factions should lead us to dependence on Christ.
Our Old Leaders Won’t Walk Away, and That’s About More Than Politics
What the presidential debate and its aftermath should tell us about our culture of geriatric childishness.
Former UK Evangelical Leader Charged with Sexual Assault
Retired minister Jonathan Fletcher goes to court following major church investigation.
Sí, el carisma tiene un lugar en el púlpito
Pero no lo confundamos con un llamado.
Why We’re Weird for Thinking That Tim Scott Is Weird
The politician’s public commitment to abstinence has made him an outlier in a sex-obsessed culture. But is the church any friendlier to older single men?
The Precarious Position of India’s Christians—and Its Democracy
Lawyer and author P. I. Jose discusses the growing influence of Hindutva ideology and its threat to India’s constitutional order.
Catholic Miracle Stories Should Take Us Outside Our Protestant Comfort Zones
Even when they strain credulity, they can challenge our assumptions about popular piety and the limits of the possible.
Evangelical Presbyterians Take on Debate Over Celibate Gay Pastors
As it brings in churches from mainline and conservative Presbyterian denominations, the EPC feels the tension in compromise.
Bavinck alerta: sem o cristianismo, o racismo e o nacionalismo prosperariam
O teólogo holandês argumentou que a visão de mundo bíblica é fundamentalmente incompatível com o etnocentrismo.
Jesus Will Speak in 100 Tongues, Thanks to Man Who Helped Disney’s Elsa Sing in 41 Languages
Rick Dempsey explains how his decades of localization expertise is being applied to The Chosen.
Christian Billionaire Found Guilty of Massive Wall Street Fraud
In a case that alluded to the investor’s faith, a federal jury convicted Bill Hwang of market manipulation and defrauding banks.
Artistic Humility in the Age of ‘Hot AI Jesus’
As digital enticements proliferate, Michelangelo and the apostle Paul teach us to seek humbler, faithful art forms.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 114|54min
Novelist Leif Enger Cheerfully Refuses Despair
A conversation about stories that are both heartbreaking and hopeful.
목회자들도 경계를 정해야 한다
역기능 문제가 있는 교회 문화에 건강한 리듬을 가져오기 위한 전략들
Quando a Mídia se Torna o ‘Príncipe do Poder do Ar’
Para se libertar da desinformação e da opressão sistêmica é preciso discipular uma nação.
Republican Party Backs Away from Pro-Life Stance in New Platform
Evangelicals oppose Donald Trump’s shift to leave abortion policy up to the states.

Top Story July 13, 2024

‘We Praise You That Trump Is Gonna Be All Right’
‘We Praise You That Trump Is Gonna Be All Right’
Evangelicals respond to the fatal shooting at the former president’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

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