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A Tribute to a Quiet Baseball Star in an Age of Christian Celebrity
Instead of flashy religiosity, Tim Wakefield had a privately influential faith.
Where Ya From?Episode 54|1 hr
Faith, Apologetics, and the Future of Christianity with Justin Brierley
Apologetics is more than winning philosophical arguments about God; it’s demonstrating God’s love alongside his truth.
How a CrossFit Gym Is Making a Small Town Strong
A new documentary captures how an exercise community helps people dealing with addiction—and offers an example for churches.
Signs & Secrets of the Messiah
By Rabbi Jason Sobel
The Great Disappearance
By Dr. David Jeremiah
Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table
By Louie Giglio
The Awe of God
By John Bevere
Sensible Shoes
By Sharon Garlough Brown
By John Coleman
You Are More Than You’ve Been Told
By Hosanna Wong
Woman Evolve
By Sarah Jakes Roberts
The Unfair Advantage
By Aaron Burke
Let Justice and Mercy Flow
By Ken Boutwell
Knowing God, 50th Anniversary Edition
By J. I Packer
King Solomon’s Empire
By Archie W. Roy & Margaret P. Roy
Finding Grace
By Larry Randolph & Jennifer Marshall Bleakley
Fighting for the Soul of Your Child
By Jimmy & Karen Evans
Becoming Free Indeed
By Jinger Duggar Vuolo

Top Story October 3, 2023

Died: Uwe Holmer, Pastor Who Forgave a Communist Dictator
Died: Uwe Holmer, Pastor Who Forgave a Communist Dictator
When the East German government collapsed, the evangelical minister welcomed Erich Honecker into his home for 10 weeks.

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