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Died: Mandisa, ‘Overcomer’ Singer and American Idol Star
The Grammy-winning artist was found dead at her home in Nashville at age 47.
Kenyan Pastors Are Praying for Haiti. They’re Also Shaping the Police Mission to Save It.
President William Ruto commissioned church leaders to meet with Haitian law enforcement, military representatives, and a gang leader to discuss Kenya’s security mission.
Sua mente está segura na mente de Deus
Por mais horríveis que sejam nossos pensamentos, Deus não se assusta com eles.
Le Soudan est toujours en guerre. Une alliance évangélique vient d’y naître
Le responsable de l’alliance évangélique nouvellement créée évoque la situation de son pays, sa fuite de Khartoum et la pression exercée sur lui pour qu’il choisisse un camp.
El trabajo del pastor no consiste en cambiar mentalidades
No podemos controlar a nuestra gente, y tratar de hacerlo solo causará daño.
‘Bluey’: A Heavenly Vision of Life Together
The popular kids series reminds parents that playfulness is next to godliness.
You Can’t Reach People for Christ While Holding Their Culture at Arm’s Length
A veteran missiologist shares a lifetime of lessons on bringing the gospel into unfamiliar settings.
The Best Christian Kids TV Shows, Not Tells
Series like The Wingfeather Saga bring children along for the adventure of following Jesus.
Filipinos and Americans Diverge on Trusting Pastors
Studies find that while less than a third of Americans trust church leaders, 90 percent of Filipinos do.
O céu não é o fim eterno do trabalho
Só os nossos melhores dias nos dão um vislumbre do jubiloso trabalho que está por vir.
Prière d’enlever ses chaussures ?
Peu de traditions protestantes perpétuent la pratique du lavement des pieds. Certains souhaiteraient en voir le retour.
The Bulletin Episode 79|50min
Fever Dream
RFK announces his running mate, pro-lifers talk pro-choice, and Beyoncé goes country.
Siapa yang Paling Mungkin Mempraktikkan Saat Teduh Setiap Hari?
Survei mendapati bahwa dua pertiga pengunjung gereja meluangkan waktu bersama Tuhan setidaknya setiap hari, tetapi praktiknya berbeda-beda.
Cuando la música de adoración no se puede traducir
Grupos como Hillsong aprendieron a dejar de lado la literalidad en favor de la colaboración creativa.
For the Warming of the Earth: Worshiping in the Age of Creation Care
Christian artists work at the intersection of music and climate change.
Biblical Literacy in a Postliterate Age
We must always be people of the Word, but we’ll have to reimagine deep engagement with Scripture.
Surrogacy Makes More Babies. Pro-Lifers Should Still Oppose It.
Church leaders can offer clear moral and ethical guidance for a practice that violates biblical mandates.
After United Methodist Split, Some Conservatives Remain
Study: 24 percent of clergy in North Carolina are still opposed to same-sex marriage.
Viral JesusEpisode 119|37min
Ike Miller: Good Baggage
Heather and Ike Miller discuss good baggage.

Top Story April 20, 2024

Died: Mandisa, ‘Overcomer’ Singer and American Idol Star
Died: Mandisa, ‘Overcomer’ Singer and American Idol Star
The Grammy-winning artist was found dead at her home in Nashville at age 47.

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