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Iranian Christians Contemplate God’s Justice after President’s Death in Crash
Believers in the diaspora reference Daniel and the “writing on the wall” as many mull if helicopter accident portends more changes to come.
In Succor and Silence
On praying past the end of silver linings to a God who often does not answer as I hope.
Viral JesusEpisode 122|43min
The Church Behind Bars Is Alive and Well
Heather and Heather Rice Minus discuss prison ministry.
What Believers Can and Can’t Affirm in Those Who Affirm Same-Sex Marriage
Rebecca McLaughlin takes care to filter their legitimate claims from their flawed assumptions.
In ‘3 Body Problem,’ Our Days Are Numbered
The Netflix adaptation of an acclaimed Chinese sci-fi series is anxious about time. Christians don’t have to be.
서구 교회를 넘어선 성 역할
스콧 W. 선퀴스트는 미국 교회에 전 세계 교회론의 다양성을 관찰할 것을 촉구합니다.
Died: Marshall Allen, Christian Muckraker Who Held the Health Care Industry Accountable
His reporting was marked by a cheerful determination to uncover truth, which friends and coworkers attributed to his faith.
Anglican Bishop Removed as Clergy Call for Transparency in Investigation
While the ACNA hasn’t offered public updates on a trial for Stewart Ruch’s abuse response, Todd Atkinson, a bishop appointed to assist him, has been deposed over inappropriate relationships.
Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Using terms like trauma, abuse, and toxic too flippantly has consequences for our relationships.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 107|46min
Predictions About the Future of the Christian Church
A conversation on the state of American religion.
The Flannery O’Connor Novel That Might Have Been
Her final work was continually revised but never finished. Can we know what she was aiming to achieve?
DOJ Issues First Indictment in Southern Baptist Investigation
A former official at Southwestern Seminary has been charged with falsifying records in the federal probe into the denomination’s abuse response.
Lee tu Biblia a través de un caleidoscopio
Eruditos de diversas razas expanden la interpretación bíblica más allá de las perspectivas tradicionales eurocéntricas.
Les 5 hérésies favorites des évangéliques américains
Un rapport de 2022 montre que l’arianisme et le pélagianisme sont des réalités bien présentes parmi des croyants pouvant par ailleurs être considérés comme évangéliques.

Top Story May 23, 2024

Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Using terms like trauma, abuse, and toxic too flippantly has consequences for our relationships.

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