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Pastors: Lead Not Your Church into Fear of AI
We can use generative apps for ministry and make our congregations aware of its dangers.
Oklahoma Approves First Church-Run Charter School in US
Supporters see it as win for religious freedom and school choice, while opponents are gearing up to challenge its constitutionality.
Most US Pastors Use Armed Congregants as Church Security
With shootings on the rise, more churches are dropping no-firearms policies and turning to gun-carriers in their flock, survey finds.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 57|25min
Q&A: Your Questions on Guns, AI, and Abortion
Russell and producer Ashley Hales respond to listener thoughts on pressing cultural issues.
The Slow WorkEpisode 10|41min
The Love That Holds All Things Together
Justin McRoberts on work, rest, and the call of belovedness.
Died: ‘The Hiding Place’ and ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ Coauthor Elizabeth Sherrill
“She knew how to tell a story with power.”
John Onwuchekwa Joins CT Team as Director of Leadership Resources
Atlanta-based preacher, author, and entrepreneur will expand the ways CT serves pastors and church leaders.
Seafarer Ministries See Spiritual Needs in Rough Economic Waters
Merchant marines are still struggling, body and soul, after COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions.
Pero yo y mi casa, resistiremos a Mammón
El dinero promete abundancia sin dependencia. Pero necesitamos algún lugar donde no podamos escondernos.
A música de adoração manipula nossas emoções. Você confia em quem está ministrando o louvor?
O Espírito está operando, mas os mecanismos em torno de sets de adoração hiperproduzidos também estão.
Os cristãos estão fazendo perguntas sobre Deus para o ChatGPT. Isso é diferente de perguntar para o Google?
Especialistas de todo o mundo explicam as consequências para os crentes dessa revolução da IA (Inteligência Artificial), dentro e fora da Internet.
Morre Paul Eshleman, que levou o filme ‘Jesus’ até os confins da terra
O estrategista de evangelismo da Cru queria que todos no mundo ouvissem as boas novas de que Deus os amava.
50 Trauma-Informed Ideas Your Church Can Put Into Practice
The ideas encompass various aspects of church life, including worship, pastoral care, small group activities, and community outreach.
Welcome, Visitors! Here’s Our Church’s Take on Sex.
Hospitality demands that some things be clear from the start.
Christian and Missionary Alliance Will Ordain Women
Ministers may now use the title “pastor” regardless of gender.
Décès de Paul Eshleman, porteur jusqu’au bout du monde du film Jésus
L’évangéliste et stratège de Campus Crusade voulait que chaque personne dans le monde entende la bonne nouvelle que Dieu l’aime.
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5 Critical Insights for Church Leaders
How the He Gets Us campaign is influencing culture and changing churches.

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