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Os homens são de Marte e de direita. As mulheres são de Vênus e de esquerda.
Os sexos estão pendendo para posições políticas diferentes. O que a igreja pode fazer a respeito.
Viral JesusEpisode 81|51min
Disrupting the Sanitized Savior
Rapper Kevin “KB” Burgess on why we should spend more time getting to know “Dangerous Jesus.”
Evangelical Colleges Celebrate Best-Ever Enrollment Numbers
Students impacted by pandemic isolation seem drawn to Christian communities and education.
How Asbury Marketing Navigated the Potential Pitfalls of Revival Fame
“This was not ours. And we don’t take credit.”
How Japanese American Pastors Prepared Their Flocks For Internment
Sermons preached the Sunday before they were sent off exhorted suffering Christians to find their hope in Jesus and to continue to gather together.
Mitt Romney Chose Truth Over Tribe. We Should Too.
Character and competency matter all the time, whether that’s in public office or the church.
Tony Evans Brings Up the Mixed Emotions of Remarriage After Loss
His engagement announcement reflects the complications of grief and celebration that Christians experience with second marriages.
Adakah Tempat bagi Umat Kristiani di Asia Tenggara? Survei Pew terhadap Umat Buddhis dan Muslim
[PEMBARUAN] Survei agama terbaru terhadap 13.000 orang dewasa di enam negara yang meneliti perpindahan agama, karma, dan kesesuaian dengan identitas nasional.
Do Artsakh’s Armenians Need More or Less ‘Christian’ Advocacy?
As humanitarian aid—and Azerbaijan’s attacks—return to the Caucasus enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, religious freedom advocates debate the merits of emphasizing religion.
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Food Stamps Are Helping Millions, Including Those in Your Church
A Christian vision for supporting government food assistance.
Unable to Find Ultimate Truth in Zen Buddhism, I Turned to Jesus
I thought I needed to try harder at meditation. What I really needed was the Holy Spirit to enlighten me.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 72|38min
Bridging Generational Divides with Jean Twenge
The psychologist and professor on differences and dialogue.
La iglesia es la vida en común o no es nada
Es hora de que los evangélicos redescubran la obra más conocida de Bonhoeffer sobre la naturaleza de la comunidad cristiana.
Les églises marginalisées du Maroc s’engagent auprès des victimes du séisme.
Les croyants de ce pays où la foi chrétienne autochtone n’est pas officiellement reconnue servent leurs compatriotes déplacés à la recherche d’un refuge et de la volonté de Dieu.
France : une majorité de chrétiens soucieux du changement climatique.
Dans une nouvelle étude commandée par A Rocha France, un nombre écrasant de répondants protestants et catholiques affirment que « Prendre soin de la Terre c’est aussi prendre soin de mon prochain. »
Dejé la iglesia por tres años
Mi soledad espiritual me hizo regresar.

Top Story September 21, 2023

Evangelical Colleges Celebrate Best-Ever Enrollment Numbers
Evangelical Colleges Celebrate Best-Ever Enrollment Numbers
Students impacted by pandemic isolation seem drawn to Christian communities and education.

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