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Pastors Wonder About Church Members Who Never Came Back Post-Pandemic
New research shows disagreement over COVID-19 policies drove changes in attendance, but “a lot of it is a mystery.”
COVID-19 Hit Black Churches Harder, but They Weathered It Better
New research shows how Black churches suffered during the pandemic. But these congregations also found unity where others were torn apart.
Les Arméniens de l’Artsakh ont-ils besoin de plus de soutien « chrétien » ?
Après le retour de l’aide humanitaire — et l’assaut de l’Azerbaïdjan — dans l’enclave caucasienne du Haut-Karabakh, les défenseurs des populations locales débattent de l’utilité de mettre l’accent sur leur foi.
100,000 Reuses for the Church to Find
With a record number of congregations predicted to close their doors by 2025, multiuse developments may be the future for shrinking congregations and empty buildings.
India By Any Other Name? Christians Braced for ‘Bharat’ or Not
Believers weigh what the latest postcolonial name change discussion would mean for religious freedom and pluralism in the Hindu-majority nation.
Rosaria Butterfield Issues Five Battle Cries for the Church Militant
There is much to admire in her views on church and community, but also much to find troubling in her new polemic.
PEPFAR Fight Worries African Christian Leaders
Those in the countries where the HIV/AIDS program has saved millions of lives feel sidelined by the American debate.
Eating Bitterness: My Culture Helps Me Persevere. The Bible Helps Me Hope.
Both talk about endurance in suffering, but only Scripture encourages me to boast in my weakness.
The Bulletin Episode 42|56min
What’s It Worth To Ya?
Workers strike, loan repayments spike, TikTokers hike.
Quatro em cada dez evangélicos dizem já terem sido visitados por mortos
Apesar da advertência das Escrituras contra a comunicação com o “além”, a maioria considera que poder ouvir entes queridos é um consolo para a sua dor.
Os homens são de Marte e de direita. As mulheres são de Vênus e de esquerda.
Os sexos estão pendendo para posições políticas diferentes. O que a igreja pode fazer a respeito.
Viral JesusEpisode 81|51min
Disrupting the Sanitized Savior
Rapper Kevin “KB” Burgess on why we should spend more time getting to know “Dangerous Jesus.”
How Asbury Marketing Navigated the Potential Pitfalls of Revival Fame
“This was not ours. And we don’t take credit.”
Evangelical Colleges Celebrate Best-Ever Enrollment Numbers
Students impacted by pandemic isolation seem drawn to Christian communities and education.
How Japanese American Pastors Prepared Their Flocks For Internment
Sermons preached the Sunday before they were sent off exhorted suffering Christians to find their hope in Jesus and to continue to gather together.
Mitt Romney Chose Truth Over Tribe. We Should Too.
Character and competency matter all the time, whether that’s in public office or the church.

Top Story September 26, 2023

Culture War Is Not Spiritual Warfare
Culture War Is Not Spiritual Warfare
Our ideological opponents are not the enemy.

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