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Being HumanEpisode 22|50min
“Jesus of the East” with Phuc Luu
The artist and theologian explores taking refuge.
¿Por qué la reforma contra el abuso sigue encontrando obstáculos entre los bautistas del sur?
Líderes y defensores agradecen el apoyo de la convención, pero se sienten frustrados ante su aparente incapacidad de llevar sus planes a la práctica.
Сукурс і тиша
Про молитву в скрутних ситуаціях до Бога, який часто відповідає не так, як я сподіваюся.
Сукурс и тишина
О молитве в трудных ситуациях к Богу, который часто отвечает не так, как я надеюсь.
You Abused and Oppressed Me, Dad. I Forgive You.
How a community’s example of radical forgiveness helped me relinquish my own rage.
Faithful Fathers
Reports of the death of fatherhood have been greatly exaggerated. There are many good dads, like mine, quietly blessing their children.
Paternity Leave Made Me a Better Christian Dad
Time off at the very beginning helps fathers prepare to bring up their children in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord.”
Church ‘Homelessness’ Must Not Be Grieved Too Quickly
It’s okay to mourn what’s lost without losing hope for what’s to come.
The Bulletin Episode 87|46min
Gimme Shelter
Biden’s asylum order, intentional community, and the criminalization of clergy sexual misconduct.
PCA Will Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’ Book
The author of the bestseller died last year. The investigation will determine if the book is appropriate for Christians.
Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Abortion Pill Challenge
Pro-life doctors had argued the drug isn’t safe. Now Christians are looking for other ways to engage on the issue.
El inesperado libro de la Biblia que más me reconforta
En mi ansiedad, leer el Apocalipsis me recuerda el infinito poder de Dios.
Sim, Paulo realmente ensinou a submissão mútua
Por que a interpretação que Wayne Grudem faz de Efésios 5.21 é insustentável?
Viral JesusEpisode 125|42min
Drew Dyck: Just Show Up
Heather and Drew discuss why small changes can be more impactful for big, bold moves.
A Writer’s Creative Calling Isn’t Found in the Middle of a Crowd
Award-winning author E. Lily Yu speaks about her faith, her deep love of language, and the perils of “moving with the majority.”
3 Ways I’ve Learned to Support China’s Christians Better as an American Pastor
Don’t let political rivalry define our perspectives of each other.

Top Story June 16, 2024

Faithful Fathers
Faithful Fathers
Reports of the death of fatherhood have been greatly exaggerated. There are many good dads, like mine, quietly blessing their children.

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