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El insólito testimonio de la primera apóstol
Dios derramó su gracia sobre María Magdalena y le dio una historia que proclamar.
What We Can Offer If We Uncircle the Wagons
Two new memoirs, Troubled and Between Two Trailers, make a powerful—if unintentional—case for the Christian ethos of family and community.
Where Ya From?Episode 70|52min
"From Roots to Research" with Nii Addy
Did you know our hope in Jesus actually changes the way our brains work? Sit down with acclaimed neuroscientist Dr. Nii Addy as he shares how his familiarity with the unexpected continues to influence his work of bridging conversations surrounding neuroscience and faith.
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Doing Time With Mom and Dad
How churches can help kids begin to heal.
Died: Beverly LaHaye, Pastor’s Wife Who Led Religious Right
The founder of Concerned Women for America was credited by President Ronald Reagan with “changing the face of American politics.”
Dios usa los cambios climáticos para transformar sociedades
Tanto en la Biblia como en la historia, las crisis de la creación pueden conducir a la reforma.
More Pastors Are Leaving Ministry Over Church Conflict
But experts say it can offer opportunities for leaders and congregations to grow.
Sports Can Be a Touchdown for Faith. Beware of Encroachment.
As a lifelong athlete and coach, I know sports build character. But I worry about the idolatrous, selfish culture of American athletics.
인도네시아에서 밝은색의 피부를 선호함에 따라 일부 기독교인들이 이에 반발하고 있다.
사회에 확고히 자리 잡은 색차별주의에 반대하는 신자들이 성경에서 여성의 자존감을 어떻게 재정의하는지 말한다.
Being HumanEpisode 13|44min
The Chaplain Who Taught Steve Systems Theory: George Doebler
Learning to notice dynamics in ourselves and others.
Seu trabalho é importante para Deus porque você é importante para Deus
O mandato da criação preenche uma lacuna no movimento fé e trabalho.
اللقاء في بستان القبر
يبقى يسوع معنا في خسارتنا، أثناء عيد الفصح وبعده.
طريق ليست لضعيفي القلوب
تكلفة الصليب في عالم يحب المتعة
Au Sénégal, le ngalakh rapproche chrétiens et musulmans.
Des évangéliques évoquent l’opportunité de cette pratique d’origine catholique pour favoriser la bonne cohabitation et faire connaître l’Évangile.
Your Neighbors (Probably) Don’t Hate You
They might not even know you’re there. When paranoia eclipses our witness, here’s what to remember.
Chuck Swindoll Steps Down as Senior Pastor, but Won’t Retire
At 89 years old and more than 60 years into ministry, the Stonebriar Community Church founder plans to remain its primary preacher after the church names his successor.
In ‘Civil War,’ What You See Is What You Try to Forget
The new dystopian thriller reminds viewers it’s not just what we witness that matters, but how.
Make Nepal Hindu Again: Christians Concerned by Rising Religious Nationalism
Hindutva ideology is crossing the border from India and making ministry more challenging for churches in the former Hindu kingdom.
The Bulletin Episode 77|54min
Don’t Bet the Farm On It
White Rural Rage, Christians and sports betting, and Israel’s complicated path forward.
Our Faith Is Not Too Fragile for Science
An excerpt from The Sacred Chain: How Understanding Evolution Leads to Deeper Faith.

Top Story April 16, 2024

More Pastors Are Leaving Ministry Over Church Conflict
More Pastors Are Leaving Ministry Over Church Conflict
But experts say it can offer opportunities for leaders and congregations to grow.

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