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When Grief like Sea Billows Roll Through Your Holidays
I learned how to mourn when my mom lost her mind, and then her life, to dementia.
Blessed Are the Bearers of ‘Han’: What Koreans and the Israelites Teach Us About Collective Grief
My culture and the Bible call us to become aching visionaries.
As Evangelicalism Grows in Catholic Latin America, So Does Secularism
A Colombian scholar assesses the state of the movement roughly 150 years after Protestant missionaries first arrived.
Deconstructed Home for the Holidays
Faith is dividing families. What does lament look like in our relationships to God and our loved ones?
My Top 5 Books on the Sinicization of Christianity in China
Works to help readers parse the differences between cultural assimilation and political domestication.
An Unscheduled Appointment
What Simeon’s long-awaited assurance means for us today
My Top 5 Books on Orthodox Christianity
A survey of theology, history, and evangelical perspective of the Eastern and Oriental branches of the ancient tradition.
Christian Wiman on Writing Against Despair
In “Zero at the Bone,” the poet discusses love, lament, and living toward a ‘happy ending.’
Mike Bickle Shifts Brazil’s Conversation Around Church Abuse
In a country where allegations rarely go public, charismatics are grappling with the claims against the influential IHOPKC founder and with his movement’s response.
My Top 5 Books on Buddhism
Examining the Asian religion from philosophical, practical, Christian, and Buddhist points of view.
Christianity Today’s 2024 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
My Top 5 Books on Confucianism
These books can help Christians gain a better understanding of Confucianism and do better in our evangelism.
‘Jesus’ Is Getting Animated
The Cru film ministry is working on a next-generation remake of the iconic 1979 movie seen by millions.
The Orthodox Church Is More Evangelical Than You Think
Interview with Lausanne-affiliated expert discusses who is in the church, the propriety of proselytism, and the example given by Billy Graham in Russia and Romania.
God Teaches Me Through My Daughter with Down Syndrome
Adults with intellectual disabilities can have robust spiritual lives. Are we learning from them?

Top Story December 11, 2023

How 1 in 4 Countries Restrict Religious Conversion
How 1 in 4 Countries Restrict Religious Conversion
New report by international religious freedom advocates compiles the text of 73 laws in 46 nations.

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