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Love in an Attention Crisis
Readers of the Latin Bible could see how close love and diligence are.
Kids Aren’t Cheap. That Doesn’t Fully Explain Why We’re Ambivalent About Having Them.
A new book explores why what was once a default life stage now feels like an increasingly fraught choice.
I’m an Evangelical Parent of Adult LGBTQ Children. Now What?
My theology is squarely orthodox. Now I need fellow Christians to help me work out a sustainable vision of day-to-day life with my children.
All Churches Should Require Background Checks
As a former police officer and PCA elder, I believe this basic step can protect congregations from predators.
The SBC’s Abuse Prevention Work Is Not Done
Five years ago, our messengers pledged to take substantive action to end sexual abuse in our churches. We cannot let another year pass with that promise unfulfilled.
Some Churches Call Clergy Sexual Misconduct an ‘Affair.’ Survivors Are Fighting to Make It Against the Law.
Advocates push for legislation criminalizing sex between ministers and those they spiritually guide.
Most Pastors Still Oppose Same-Sex Marriage
Levels of support for LGBTQ relationships have plateaued among Protestant clergy.
Southern Baptists, Outsiders Hear Our Confessions Too
Baptist confessions have long drawn attention beyond the church. The proposal on male pastors will too.
Indian Christians Relieved as Election Results Limit Hindu Nationalists
With Modi’s BJP denied an outright majority in parliament, church leaders credit prayer movements and hope the restoration of coalition politics will protect religious minorities.
Many Southern Baptist Women Care More About Calling Than What They’re Called
As the SBC debates restrictions around titles and roles, female leaders continue their work in women’s ministry in their local churches.
How to Make Friends at Church
It’s tough to plunge into a new congregation. Here’s how to get your head above water.
This Is the Way: How the Dao Helps Chinese People Understand Christ
Ancient philosopher Zhuangzi’s teachings can be a means of evangelism.
Inside the ‘Secret World’ of Global Evangelism to Muslims
While reporting from conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East, Adriana Carranca met evangelical missionaries sent from surprising places.
Southern Baptists Pledged to Launch an Online Database of Abusers. It’s Still Empty.
Lack of funding and liability concerns have stalled abuse reform efforts.
What Silicon Valley’s New Ethical Thinking Gets Right—and Wrong
Effective altruism and longtermism are all the rage these days. How should Christians engage?
For Sale: Christian Ministry Headquarters
Evangelical organizations including Wycliffe, CT, and Lifeway are giving up their buildings and developing new models for remote work.
Let the Anxious Children Sing to Me
New worship music offers today’s young believers a wider range of emotions and greater spiritual depth.
India’s Christians Brace for 2024 Election Results
Church leaders mobilized prayer for parliament and state elections, knowing the question wasn’t whether Hindu nationalists would win but the size of their mandate.
Died: Lin Chih-Ping, Taiwan’s ‘Fool for Life’ Who Shared ‘Cosmic Light’ Through Eclectic Ministry
The entrepreneur and social services leader had a unique vision for sharing the gospel and reaching people holistically.
How to Flourish as a Creative Minority
An Orthodox Jew advises American evangelicals on how to keep—and pass on—the faith in an increasingly pagan culture.

Top Story July 16, 2024

Our Culture Is Obsessed with Being Seen. But Jesus Calls Us to Be Hidden.
Our Culture Is Obsessed with Being Seen. But Jesus Calls Us to Be Hidden.
In an age of social media celebrity and showy spirituality, we are invited into a holy unawareness.

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