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October 2021
Volume 65, Number 7
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About This Issue
Evangelical intellectuals have generally disdained Christian fiction as lacking any real literary worth. But as Daniel Silliman notes in this month’s cover story, diverse groups of readers have long found virtue, pleasure, and the hope of Christ even in the most popular and viral Christian novels. Criticism of these books misses the crucial role they have played in shaping evangelicalism today.
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Cover Story

What’s True About Christian Fiction
“This Present Darkness” and other bestsellers show us the history of evangelicalism—and how it could be different.


Gary Chapman Doesn’t Know He’s Famous
The top-selling author’s love language books have transformed millions of lives—except, maybe, for his.
Martha: Busy Hostess or Dragon Slayer?
The Gospel of John and medieval legend show Mary’s sister to value theology and hospitality.
What Comes After the Ex-Gay Movement? The Same Thing That Came Before.
Old-school evangelical leaders once knew the value of “care” over “cure.”
The Harvest Is Plentiful, But the Workers Are Divided
Biblical scholars and theologians have different ways of tending their own fields. What can they learn from each other?
I Wasn’t Enough for My Street-Fighting Family. But God Showed Me More.
How a quiet, bookish kid came to faith while living among rageaholics.


We Are All Baptists Now—So Let’s Not Fight Like It
American democracy and democratized Christianity face a similar crisis of disunity.
We Really Are on the Same Team
Hard as it is to believe, Christians have everything they need to “be one.”
Crime Might Be Rising Again, As Evangelicals (Inaccurately) Feared All Along
How Christians can respond to their own dread about the last years’ uptick in violence and property damage.
The Ten Commitments Behind the Ten Commandments
The world’s most famous list of rules is grounded in something deeper than ethical principles.


Philip Yancey, as Few Could Have Imagined Him
The writer’s new memoir sheds light on an upbringing steeped in bigotry and a lifetime of “useful” pain.
William Lane Craig Explores the Headwaters of the Human Race
The philosopher and theologian ventures a new hypothesis on Genesis, human origins, and the historical Adam.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by H. S. Cross, author of “Wilberforce” and “Grievous.”
Shame Is Often Toxic and Harmful. Sometimes, It’s Just What We Deserve.
A Christian philosopher pushes back on attempts to rid ourselves of this unloved emotion.
5 Books That Portray the Priesthood of All Believers
Chosen by Cliff Warner, rector of Christ Church Anglican in Austin, Texas.


NASA Specialist Finds His Calling in Space Experiments
This wasn’t Johnny Berry’s plan. But he trusts a larger one.
Where Billy Graham Is Remembered
The late evangelist is larger than life with monuments, markers, and museums.
Gleanings: October 2021
News of Christians around the world.
When God Opened a Coliseum, Young Life Ministers Were Ready
For 19 days, two staffers told unaccompanied minors that God is a good father.
What’s Lost When Prison Mail Goes Digital?
Christian ministries are concerned about the Biden administration’s efforts to expand a Trump program of scanning letters.

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