October (Web-only) 2008

Election News Quiz: We Know You're Sick of It
But have you really been paying attention? Find out if you really know the latest religious turns in the 2008 campaign.
Q+A: Ross Douthat
Where evangelicals fit in the future of the Republican Party.
When Cowardice Meets Passion
Why I admire but sometimes don't follow single-issue activists.
Vision for Kingdom Growth
Three American Illusions
Graham addresses utopian ideas about peace, wealth, and democracy.
Billy Graham on Watergate
The evangelist speaks about his relationship with Nixon and the implications of the Watergate scandal.
Taking the World's Temperature
Billy Graham speaks on the spiritual atmosphere of the late 1970s, the charismatic movement, and his regrets.
God's Revolutionary Demand
Conversion to Christ means an entirely new dimension of living.
Message and Method
Graham reveals what makes his preaching effective and speaks about the function of his crusades in church life.
The Marks of a Christian
How do you know if you're a Christian?
Integrity Intact
Billy Graham's secret to humility was refusing to listen to those who would have made him proud.
The Evangelical World Prospect
Harold Ockenga, Robert Lamont, and Carl Henry interview Billy Graham about spiritual trends throughout the world.
My Personal Use of the Bible
"If ever I get to the place where the Bible becomes to me a book without meaning, without power, and without the ability to reprove and rebuke my own heart, then my ministry will be over."
Firm on the Fundamentals
Carl Henry on Graham's contributions to evangelicalism.
Concerns of the Evangelist
Billy Graham discusses hunger, racism, peace, revival, and evangelism.
Billy's Rib
The price of Ruth and Billy Graham's union was separation.
Facing the Anti-God Colossus
During an era of Communism and materialism, Graham urged the church to prepare.
Schullers Part Ways at Crystal Cathedral's 'Hour of Power'
Son will remain senior pastor of Crystal Cathedral.
Humanists Hop on the Propaganda Bus
Also: Questions on psalm graffiti, journalists' religiosity, converts to Orthodoxy, and more.
High School Musical 3
Pride and Glory
Synecdoche, New York
Same Song, Second Verse
Rana's anti-evolution arguments are well worn, but his portrait of cells' inner workings conveys the beauty of creation.
Bees, but No Bible
Faith-based marketing companies are pitching The Secret Life of Bees to church leaders with a "Bible study" that has no evangelical content—or Scripture.
Music to Raise the Dead
Music to Raise the Dead
Box set chronicles the Rez Band's mark on CCM history.
Taking Slackers to Task
Teen twins Alex and Brett Harris call their peers to something more.
Maxwell's Magnum Opus
Boiling down a lifetime of leadership lessons.
Rome's Battle for the Bible
Synod of Bishops revisits inerrancy compromise reached at Vatican II.
Over the Fence
Poll: Republicans losing the Hispanic Protestant support won in 2004.
Also: Buddhist angst in South Korea, Baylor's reward, and more.
Max Payne
The Secret Life of Bees
Worshiping with Creeping Things
Why the grocery store is a holy place.
Who Is in Charge of Our Pulpits?
Pulpit Freedom Sunday was about bringing kingdom principles to bear on contemporary social problems, not seizing political power.
A Good Time to Launch a Church Building Campaign?
Advice on expensive church projects in a time of economic turmoil.
A Monster? Or One of Us?
The German film After the Truth, exploring a fictional trial of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, forces all of us to ask ourselves if we're capable of the same sort of evil.
Christ and Culture and Church and Creation
We should not disconnect the Great Commission and the cultural mandate.
Seventy Exceptional Years
Graham speaks about televangelism, safeguarding against temptations, and other issues in ministry.
Reflections on Graham by a Former Grump
He had some core that allowed for change without corruption.
The Evangelist of Our Time
For Billy Graham, to live was to preach Christ.
Do Political Films Matter?
Oliver Stone's W, which releases this week, is the latest of many movies about pols and politics, but whether they actually affect election outcomes is hard to say.
Watch … and Listen
Three documentaries—highlighting hymns, hillbillies, and African AIDS orphans—bring cultures and conflict to life through music.
The Comeback Bishop
Ousted conservative Bob Duncan sees a new center emerging in the Christian West.
Anathemas All Around
Charges of heresy underscore stakes of debate over Trinity.
Green Bible, Read Bible
Also: Inflammatory Religulous up against Fireproof, Marriage on the ballot, and more questions from this week's news.
The Imprimatur of Happiness
In Pope Benedict's hands, Christian joy becomes the antidote to modern meaninglessness.
Billy: The Early Years
Body of Lies
City of Ember
The Express
2008 Music Awards: Our Suggestions
An examination of the year in Christian music, highlighting the artists and songs most likely to earn nominations, along with some other worthy contenders.
Trying to Start Something
Outraged by the problem of human trafficking, Justin Dillon rounded up musicians and celebrities, made a movie, and started a movement connecting art and justice.
'A Funny, Quirky Dude'
The actor who plays Billy Graham in a new movie has the utmost respect for the evangelist, but loved getting to know Graham's lesser-known personal side too.
Emerging Theology, Liberal Politics
Does one thing lead to the other?
Reimagining the Hymns
MercyMe's Bart Millard gets Hymned Again with another collection of church favorites reinvented for a new generation.
The Engine of the Market
It's not capital. Why wealthy evangelicals and others need to reconsider executive compensation.
An American Carol
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Flash of Genius
Rachel Getting Married
What Just Happened?
Pity for a Devastated Wall Street
The difficulty in times like this is treating the powerful with justice.
God Is In Control During the Financial Crisis
God often uses adversity for his greatest blessings and the markets are his.

Top Story July 18, 2024

Evangelicals Agree That Biden Should Drop Out
Evangelicals Agree That Biden Should Drop Out
Poll: Black Protestants are among the only groups who remain confident in the president’s mental capacities.

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