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Volume 50, Number 6
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Cover Story

Jesus Out of Focus
The Da Vinci Code is raising issues that go to the heart of the Christian faith—and it's starting to confuse us all.
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Doubts About Fish Story
Anti-Darwinists downplay 'missing link.'
Deaths, promotions, and other items from the religion world.
'Engaging' Heresy
Contrary to precedent, few plan to boycott The Da Vinci Code.
Quotation Marks
Recent comments on Intelligent Design, church architecture, and the term evangelical.
Money Talks
Activists hope to change North Korea by punishing China's economy.
Go Figure
Recent stats on voting for evangelicals, belief in The Da Vinci Code, and collegiate religion.
'Get Out of San Francisco'
City's response to Christian youth event poses legal question.
Georgia to Teach Bible
Democrats and Republicans disagreed about what to use as a textbook.
Q&A: Darrell Bock
CT spoke with Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary research professor of New Testament and author of the forthcoming The Missing Gospels (Nelson), about the stir caused by the Gospel of Judas release in early April.
<em>Christianity Today</em> News Briefs
Palestinian Bible Society's Gaza bookshop reopened, Biola awards Antony Flew, and Indian Christian granted bail.
A Faith Tailored Just for You
The hoopla over the Gospel of Judas is both absurd and revealing.
The Power of Hospitality
How to win over enemies and influence people.
The Lapsed Evangelical Critic
Bart Ehrman's doubt as a student at Moody has turned to agnosticism.
What the <em>Teaching</em> Can Teach Us
Not all extracanonical manuscripts reveal a 'lost Christianity.' The church's earliest discipleship manual—the Didache—is as orthodox and relevant as it gets.
2006 Christianity Today Book Awards
Out of 37 publishers and 240 titles, our judges selected 22 of this year's best books.
Unveiling the Truth About Islam
Too many Christian books miss the mark.
Heard Any Good Books Lately?
Audio is the new medium, and Christian publishers are getting the message.
The Phone Book Test
Robert P. George explains how a simple experiment reveals the great divide in our culture.
On the Edge of Famine
Politics hinders aid to 11 million East Africans.
Philosophers' Potpourri
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
An Ugly Phoenix Reborn
European anti-Semitism is more widespread than has been let on.
Dribbling Circles Around Jesus
What did Jesus mean when he said that we would do greater things than he did?—Tyler Willian, Los Angeles, California
Free, but Not Easy
Why grace is so rare among Christians.
America's Growing Asian Churches
A new book offers ministry insights for their unique challenges.
Rock Un-Solid
When Christian bands bite the hands that praised them.
Revising David and Solomon
Archeological study questions the Bible's take on Israel's united kingdom.
God Is at Work
Economic globalization is an opportunity for missions says Ken Eldred.
When Evangelicals Ruled
Between 1850 and 1900 evangelicals dominated the English speaking world, says David Bebbington.
The Life of Bryan
Michael Kazin explains why American politics needs another William Jennings Bryan.
Our Prayerful History
This impressive history of prayer in America neglects theology.
Emerging Confusion
Jesus is the truth whether we experience him or not.