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The Body Keeps the Faith
Theologian says spiritual life continues despite disorientation of dementia.
Study: Today’s Pastoral Counseling Is More Fluent in Psychology
Journal documents how clergy adapted as more people turned to therapy over religion.
Many Adventists in Asia and Africa Believe You Must Be Vegan to Be Saved
(UPDATED) As the church’s global growth continues, leaders must disentangle its “health message” from views on salvation.
Which Is Worse: the Guilty Freed or the Innocent Punished?
New study examines how your race and view of Scripture shape your answer.
Black Church Group Offers Its Best Shot at Closing Vaccine Gap
To reach the most vulnerable, leaders say vaccine sites have to set up in hard-hit neighborhoods and let churches spread the word.
Pentecostals Lead the World in Conversions, But Not in US Missions
Study: Just a tenth of American missions agencies affiliate with the world’s fastest-growing Christian movement.
3 Bioethical Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines
After considering new mRNA technology, Christian experts are in favor.
Should Pastors Speak Up About the COVID-19 Vaccine?
With Christians split on the issue, some urge vaccination as a form of neighborly love, while others leave it up to conscience.
Research: Racial Minorities Were More Likely to Contract COVID-19 at Churches
Cell phone location data indicated religious gatherings appeared to be a top transmission spot when the pandemic took off.
Christians Ready to Help COVID-19 Vaccine Go to Neediest First
Medical experts prep for ethical distribution, while some church leaders preach against misinformation.
Amid COVID-19, Pro-Lifers Push to Avoid Abortive Fetal Cells in Medicine
Despite the ethical challenges, most still concede to using old cell lines in life-saving drugs.
NIH Director Francis Collins Wins $1.3M Templeton Prize
The pioneering geneticist offers an ‘intellectual synthesis’ of faith and evolution.
How Doctors and Scientists Apply Faith on the Front Lines
Six medical professionals share their spiritual practices in the midst of a pandemic.
To Debunk Viral Conspiracies, First Build Trust
In video, Francis Collins addresses skepticism of the coronavirus’s natural origins, which is higher among Christians.
How PEPFAR Galvanized Christians in the Fight to Eradicate AIDS
And why advocates say US commitment to the cause cannot let up now.
Wayne Grudem Changes Mind About Divorce in Cases of Abuse
Leading complementarian theologian says he no longer believes the Bible offers only two justifiable reasons for ending a marriage.
When Restoration Hurts
Christian counselors grapple with how to encourage reconciliation while protecting victims.
Digital Bibles Help Men Read More But Retain Less
Data suggests Christians are unaware of the effect the medium has on the message.
The Government Is Ending Fetal Tissue Research. Some Scientists Say We Don’t Need It.
How experts and pro-life advocates think the new policy will impact the future of medical study.
Not Worth a Shot: Why Some Christians Refuse Vaccinations on Moral Grounds
The use of fetal cell lines from the 1960s is another sticking point in the vaccine debate.