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Died: Carlton Pearson, Pentecostal Preacher Who Rejected Hell
The former COGIC leader and Oral Roberts mentee said he wore his “heretic” label “like a badge.”
Salvation Army Kettles Collect Fewer Coins
Bell-ringing campaign sees 20 percent decline in giving.
Wedding Fire Devastates Christian Community in Iraq
And other brief news stories from Christians around the world.
What Evangelical Scholars Found Looking at a Tiny Piece of Papyrus
From a dump in Egypt to a criminal case in Oxford to a seminary in Texas, this fragmentary record of faith traveled a strange path.
Free Speech Victory for Finnish Politician and Bishop Who Said Homosexuality Is Sinful
Appeals court unanimously affirms that the traditional interpretation of the Bible is not criminal hate speech.
Vineyard Calls for Investigation of Pastor Who Left
An inquiry at Alan Scott’s former church found evidence of manipulation, narcissism, and spiritual abuse.
Died: Frank Borman, Apollo 8 Astronaut Who Broadcast Genesis from Space
Commander of first lunar flight was moved by the sight of “the good earth.”
Trump-Era Controversies Had a Measurable Effect on Church Attendance
Politically moderate and left-leaning evangelicals appear to be most impacted.
Abolitionist Bible to Go on Public Display
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
Died: Loren Cunningham, Who Launched Millions on Short-Term Missions
YWAM founder saw “waves” of young people carrying the gospel to every nation.
Pandemic Restrictions Had No Lasting Effect on Churches, Study Finds
Even in states where regulations were severe, most congregations moved on quickly.
Died: Uwe Holmer, Pastor Who Forgave a Communist Dictator
When the East German government collapsed, the evangelical minister welcomed Erich Honecker into his home for 10 weeks.
A Handful of Churches Split from the Christian and Missionary Alliance over Women in Ministry
New position on ordination and titles pushed some “beyond where their convictions would allow them to go.”
Evangelical Colleges Celebrate Best-Ever Enrollment Numbers
Students impacted by pandemic isolation seem drawn to Christian communities and education.
How Asbury Marketing Navigated the Potential Pitfalls of Revival Fame
“This was not ours. And we don’t take credit.”
Wheaton College Releases Report on Its History of Racism
Task force and trustees call for community repentance, starting with a change to the name of the library.
Praise Him with Harp and Tuba?
When SBC worship leaders look to their congregations for musical talent, this is what they find.
Stowaway Pastor Survives Atlantic Crossing
And other brief news stories from Christians around the world.
Died: ‘Jesus Calling’ Devotional Author Sarah Young
The missionary wife’s “listening prayers” comforted and inspired millions.
Covenant Families Frustrated by Tennessee’s Failure to Pass New Gun Laws
Special legislative session ends without measures to prevent mass shootings at schools.