May 2015

How God used the great church destroyer Saul to become the great multiethnic church planter.
The Great Omission Becomes the Great Commission
Image: Erick Hodge

The last words of someone are important, especially if that someone is the eternal Son, the second person of the triune God. Before Jesus ascended to heaven so he could function as his people’s great high priest, he commissioned and commanded his twelve Jewish disciples ...

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How to cultivate love and root out weeds in your marriage.
Marriage Is Like a Garden
Image: Unsplash

Marriage is like a garden. It needs intentional care and cultivation. When weeds grow, they must be pulled up from the root immediately. If we don’t pull up weeds by the root they will continue to grow back, eventually overtaking and killing the garden.

So how do ...

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The world needs people who love their enemies like Christ.
How Extreme Is Your Love?
Image: Erick Hodge

If you read the news or watch TV, you cannot escape the rise of extremism in the world. There are Islamic extremists, Hindu extremists, and even atheist extremists. Violence and hatred often mark the presence of extremism, but what if it was faced by something even stronger ...

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|Gospel of Grace
Jesus can transform you through the power of his love.
Christ Becomes Our ‘Good Enough’
Image: Brandon Robinson

Imagine a world where people are awakened to the beautiful reality of God’s grace, mercy, and love. Imagine that the grace of God has so transformed people like you and me that we love him with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. Through this love, we then care ...

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Three things to remember when the waters get rough.
What Do You Do When You Are in a Storm?
Image: Flickr

Sometimes life feels like being on a tiny, dilapidated boat in a big ocean in the midst of a giant storm. This feeling can be terrifying, as if impending doom surrounds us.

Unfortunately, sometimes life is like this.

Maybe your storm is being unemployed, and you’ve ...

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We often miss the most important thing to defend.
Are We Guarding the Wrong Things?
Image: Death to Stock

As leaders, there are a lot of things we guard.

We guard our weaknesses.

We guard our pain.

We guard our reputation.

The more we guard our weaknesses, the weaker we become.

The more we guard our pain, the more hurt we become and the more we hurt others.

The more ...

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Do we point people to the larger purposes of salvation?
Are We Preaching ‘Self-ism’ or Christianity?
Image: Erick Hodge

In recent months, I have been blessed with opportunities to speak to thousands of church leaders at venues as diverse as a Willow Creek conference in Erfurt, Germany, the Kainos conference in Memphis, Tennessee, and Exponential East in Tampa, Florida, from which I am writing ...

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