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July/August 2019
Volume 63, Number 6
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Seattle business professors Bruce Baker and Tom Parks make the case for a larger dream: that gleaning can not only create space for society's economically marginalized groups but, in doing so, it can also transform the lives of those with economic and cultural power.
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Cover Story

The Book of Ruth Can Transform the Way We Do Business Today
What companies might learn from the Old Testament practice of gleaning.


When Christians Don’t Get a Second Chance
Most evangelicals want America's criminal justice system to offer it. But immigrant Christians like Detroit's Chaldeans don't get one.
I Befriended Bart Ehrman by Debating Him
I’ve been blessed by my friendships with debate opponents, despite strong disagreements.
Is the World’s Next Missions Movement in Ethiopia?
Ethiopian churches no longer want to be on the receiving end of the Great Commission.
Sometimes, God Wants You to Go with Your Gut
Our intuitions aren’t infallible. That doesn’t mean we should ignore them.
A New Recipe for Ending Hunger
We have a crisis too large for any one church, nonprofit, or government agency to handle on its own, says food policy expert Jeremy Everett.
The Apostles Never ‘Shared’ the Gospel, and Neither Should We
Why it’s time to retire our favorite evangelistic phrase.


True Doctrine Doesn’t Wait
Without good theology, you can’t have Christlike love and compassion.
Faith Like an Olive Tree
What Israel’s most famous plants taught me about spiritual growth.
Paul Says to ‘Be Filled with the Spirit.’ How Do We Obey a Passive Verb?
Perhaps a sailing analogy will help clear up the confusion.


The Nazis Persecuted Him. The Soviets Killed Him. Today He’s Barely Known.
James Edwards’s biography recovers the memory of German theologian Ernst Lohmeyer.
Proving That God Exists Without Opening a Bible
How human reason alone can lay a pathway from doubt to belief.
Celibate Gay Christians: Neither Shockingly Conservative nor Worryingly Liberal
A new book uses stories and statistics to dispel stereotypes and suspicion.
Praising God with Our Testimonies
According to the Psalms, it's an act of disobedience to keep quiet about his love and faithfulness.


The Key to This Church Planting Network’s Success? Start Big, Stay Big
The Association of Related Churches (ARC) focuses on a non-competitive spirit and strategic growth.
Gleanings: July/August 2019
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our July/August issue).
Who Needs Those TPS Reports? Venezuelan Christians
Churches benefit when the US government shows mercy to groups versus individuals.
Why Muslims Love Mary
Followers of Islam admire the mother of Jesus. But can she be a bridge to Christianity?

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