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June 2017
Volume 61, Number 5
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The CT archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource.
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Cover Stories

Cambodia’s Child Sex Industry Is Dwindling—And They Have Christians to Thank
From rescues to legal reform, a faithful minority changed the country’s criminal landscape.
The World’s Biggest Trafficking Problem Remains in the Background
How Christians in Cambodia are drawing attention to labor trafficking and the quiet power of prevention.
Cambodians Usher in a Miraculous Moment for Christianity
How the Southeast Asian country went from an underground church to a church-planting boom.


Why We Argue Best with Our Mouths Shut
Science reveals the power of being quick to listen and slow to speak.
How Our Unconscious Biases Shape Our Beliefs
Why we all need to get outside the echo chamber.
A Walking Disaster
How a hurricane helped me weather my battle with cancer.
The Freedom and Chaos of Sola Scriptura
Historian Mark Noll helps unravel the uses and misuses of ‘the Bible alone.’
The Invisible Heroes of the Persecuted Church
The case for Christians investing in the profession only 1 in 5 Americans trust.
Do Children Go to Heaven When They Die?
God's love for children is clear in Scripture, but the 'age of accountability' is harder to find.


The Church's Biggest Challenge in 2017
Let’s get unchurched evangelicals back into church, and prejudiced evangelicals back to the Bible.
Our Spiritual Gifts Have an Expiration Date
Let’s rejoice in them—while looking forward to a time when they’re no longer needed.


Flying Solo in a Family-Centered Church
Gina Dalfonzo shares an insider's perspective on the frustrations of long-term singleness
Why the Modern World Is Making Us Miserable
Mark Sayers asks us to look to the Bible’s steadying influence in an era of cultural turmoil.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
Do We Treat Sunday the Way the Earliest Christians Did?
Historian Justo González charts how observance of the Lord’s Day has changed over time.
Eugene Peterson: The Pursuit of Happiness Is a Dead-End Street
How Ecclesiastes shows a better way to joyful living than chasing pleasure


How Christians See Muslims
Missions experts urge concern for both souls and security.
Gleanings: June 2017
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our June issue).
Defending the Faith (of Others)
Russian evangelicals’ hesitancy to back Jehovah’s Witnesses could backfire.

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A Local Preacher and a Jailhouse Jesus Freak Brought Me to Faith in Prison
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